AlwaysOnHeadphones can improve the call-taking experience on Apple Watch

Having an Apple Watch is convenient for a bevy of reasons, but one of my favorites is having instantaneous access to messages and phone calls from the comfort of my wrist, even when my iPhone isn’t within arm’s reach.

As wonderful as it is, it’s not without its quirks. Perhaps one of the most annoying processes has to do with how you would take Apple Watch-centric phone calls when you have a Bluetooth headset or headphones connected to your iPhone, and a newly released jailbreak tweak called AnswerOnHeadphones by iOS developer CardboardFace aims to fix this once and for all.

How to enable Do Not Disturb temporarily

Do Not Disturb iPhone Options

You may be familiar with the Do Not Disturb feature on your device that lets you silence calls and notifications without turning off your device. You can schedule Do Not Disturb so that it’s always enabled at bedtime. You can also have Do Not Disturb turn on automatically on Apple Watch during your workouts.

But what if you just want to enable the feature for a short time outside of your schedule or workout?

You can enable Do Not Disturb temporarily. On iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, you can turn it on for just an hour and on Mac, you can flip a switch to enable it or have it turn on when the screen is locked. Here’s how.

How to record calls with Skype on iPhone

Skype Start Recording iPhone

If you use Skype calls for things like interviews or meetings, you might not realize that you can record those calls instead of trying to capture everything by taking notes.

You can record audio and video Skype-to-Skype calls with a simple tap. Those recordings will then be available for you to save or share. If this is new to you, we’ll show you how to record your Skype calls in iPhone.

Hate the iPhone’s native incoming call interface? You may like Scorpion

It’s honestly rather embarrassing that Apple’s incoming call interface on the iPhone still looks the way it does in 2020, and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve always advocated for jailbreak tweaks that unlock minimized incoming call interfaces that are far less intrusive and more visually stunning than the native UI.

With the above sentiment in mind, it may not come off as much of a surprise that I’m having trouble containing my excitement about the likes of a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed Scorpion by iOS developer Esquilli.

How to use Alexa’s Drop In and other communication features

Alexa Drop In Screen iPhone

No matter how big or small your home is, there’s sure to be a time when you yelled to someone in another room. Whether to tell them dinner is ready or that you need their help with something, we have all been there. But luckily, if you own an Amazon Echo speaker you don’t have to holler anymore!

With Alexa on your device and your Amazon speaker in the other room, you can communicate without shouting. We’ll show you how to use Alexa’s Drop In feature along with additional communication options that can help you finally stop the yelling.

New to iPhone? How to save phone numbers on iPhone to Contacts

Contacts app iPhone New Contact

When you see a phone number pop up on your caller ID that you don’t recognize, chances are you won’t answer it, unless you’re one of the few. But have there have been times when that caller turned out to be someone you knew, maybe calling from a new number? Or perhaps it was a business you visit, like a doctor’s office or food delivery service. In these types of situations, you may want to save that number.

You can easily save a number for someone who has called you right from the Phone app to your Contacts. Plus, you can save numbers that you call too, to make it easier to call them again later.

Here’s how to save numbers from the Phone app to Contacts on iPhone.

How to fix missed calls notifications not showing on iPhone

iPhone Missed Call Notification Lock Screen

Have you not only been missing calls on your iPhone but also not seeing missed call notifications? If you’re unable to answer a call, you still want to know that you received it, especially if the person doesn’t leave you a voicemail.

The fix to the missed call notifications not showing on your iPhone could be as simple as a toggle.

LetMeDecline makes it easier to decline calls when your iPhone is locked

When you receive a phone call from your locked iPhone, iOS automatically directs you to a ‘slide to answer’ interface with no obvious way of dismissing the phone call. You can press the side button a couple of times to dismiss the call, but not everyone knows this, and it this seems like a user interface shortcoming on Apple’s part.

Given the circumstances described above, we’re especially pleased to see the release of a new jailbreak tweak called LetMeDecline by iOS developer P2Kdev. As depicted in the before and after screenshot examples above, this tweak replaces the ‘slide to answer’ bar with dedicated Decline and Answer buttons, making it easier to get the annoying full-screen incoming call interface out of your way.

Augment your jailbroken iPhone’s Caller ID with PhoneCaller

Your iPhone displays the phone number of incoming and outgoing calls, apart from certain circumstances in which that number is privatized. But if you’re like me and wish you could see more about a caller than just the phone number at first glance, then you’ll probably come to appreciate a jailbreak tweak called PhoneCaller by iOS developer Osama.

As shown in the screenshot examples above, PhoneCaller works by integrating with the popular TrueCaller app to fetch more detailed caller ID information for both incoming and outgoing phone calls. As you’ll notice, it shows the caller’s first and last name in addition to any relevant photos of that person, where applicable.

This tweak improves the timestamps in your iPhone’s call log history

The Recents tab found in the iPhone’s native Phone app is meant to display a running history of your incoming and outgoing phone call activity, making it easier for you to call someone back or reference a phone number if you ever needed to. Sadly, the timestamps for older phone calls tend to become less descriptive over time, showing only the date and not the timeframe.

Thankfully, a new free jailbreak tweak called ExactTimePhone by iOS developer gilshahar7 can fix this problem. As shown in the before and after screenshot examples above, this tweak makes even your oldest phone history items show a timestamp in addition to the date that it transpired.

How to use group FaceTime on iPhone

Group FaceTime Call iPhone

There’s nothing like talking in person, but when you can’t, FaceTime is a great way to make you feel like you are. And when you want to talk to more than one person using FaceTime, you can do a group call. You can start it from the app or even from Messages and it’s really simple.

Here’s how to use group FaceTime on iPhone and the options you have during the call.

How to start a conference call on iPhone

Start Conference Call iPhone

Have you ever tried to make plans or just chat with a group of people over text? It can get confusing and opinions can easily get lost. Instead, try starting a conference call to get everyone on the same page, in the same conversation, and at the same time.

Depending on your mobile carrier, you can have up to five people on your call. To help you out, here’s how to start a conference call on iPhone.