Some of the best ‘do it all’ jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

While there are tons of great single-purpose jailbreak tweaks for pwned iOS 14 devices, it’s indeed true that we can sometimes get more bang for our buck with ‘do it all’ or ‘all in one’ jailbreak tweaks that offer customization options for more than one aspect of Apple’s mobile operating systems.

In today’s roundup, iDB will showcase what we believe are some of the best ‘all in one’ jailbreak tweaks for jaikbroken iOS 14 devices. These are in no specific order, so you’re probably going to want to view the feature lists for yourself in the tweak depictions to see what they’re capable of since they can be somewhat extensive.

Some of the best ‘all in one’ jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

Orion – $3.99

Perhaps one of the most comprehensive all-in-one jailbreak tweaks that we’ve ever shown our readers is Orion.

This massive jailbreak tweak packs so much punch for the money that you’ll be wondering why you ever loaded your handset up with so many one-off jailbreak tweaks in the first place.

You can find out more about Orion and what you can do with it in our full review post.

1ONE – $1.99

1ONE was another generously-sized all-in-one jailbreak tweak that iDB has showcased in the not-so-distant past, and while the feature list doesn’t quite size up to the Orion tweak above, it still seems to be a great deal for what you get.

The tweak seems to have been pulled from the Packix repository for the time being, but we’re hopeful we’ll see it on a public repository again soon. Despite that, we’ve decided to include it in today’s roundup in memory of the great things it brought to the table.

You can learn more about 1ONE and what it brought to the table in our full review post.

Genesis 2 – $2.00

Genesis 2 is an all-in-one jailbreak tweak that pairs the thrill of boundless customization with a modernized user experience that you’ll notice from the moment you begin perusing the tweak’s preference pane.

It has a lot of the staple options you’d come to expect from any reputable all-in-one jailbreak tweak, and nothing that you wouldn’t. Best of all, it comes with a reasonable price tag.

You can find out more about Genesis 2 and what you can accomplish with it in our full review post.

Springtomize 5 – $4.99

Springtomize 5 is the ongoing lineage of what is perhaps the best-known all-in-one jailbreak tweak of all time. It’s been around for several years, as you can tell just from looking at the iteration number after the name.

One thing about Springtomize 5 is that it’s a tried and true workhorse of a tweak, but I’ll be the first to admit that it seems like the tweak has gotten lighter on features than I remember when going hands-on with the tweak when it first came out. It also comes with a premium price tag — even more than that of Orion, but it’s reputation has gained it a place in this list.

You can find out more about Springtomize 5 in our full review post.

Springlicious – FREE

Another jailbreak tweak that you should really consider if you’re looking for something that can cover the job of several smaller jailbreak tweaks is Springlicious.

This tweak doesn’t have as many features as the tweaks discussed above, but what makes it especially special is that it doesn’t have a price tag. This means anyone can download it and give it a try right now.

You can find out more about Springlicious and what you can make happen with it in our full review post.


While there are lots of ‘do it all’ or ‘all-in-one’ jailbreak tweaks on the market, some for free and others with high price tags, the general consensus is that you get what you pay for since developers tend to charge more for tweaks that required more effort to build.

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