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What is Per-App Settings on iPhone in iOS 15 and how to use it

Per-App Setting on iPhone in iOS 15

The iPhone has excellent accessibility features, which ensure people with disabilities can use the device to get work done. iOS 15 added a new option called Per-App Settings which lets you customize helpful accessibility settings for each app.

Last year we showed you a jailbreak tweak called Appaze 2 that lets you configure several system settings like brightness, screen rotation, and much more on a per-app basis. Now, Per-App Settings in iOS 15 are not even close to matching this tweak's capabilities, but it certainly is a step in the right direction.

This guide shows you how anyone can use this new iOS 15 feature to personalize desired iPhone apps. Doing this ensures you can have some of the app settings meet your specific needs.

Pangu Team purportedly jailbreaks iPhone 13 Pro remotely at TianfuCup 2021

The Pangu Team is a name you might remember if you’ve been jailbreaking iPhones and iPads since ye olde days of iOS 9. Despite not releasing a public jailbreak since then, the Pangu Team continues to be hands-on with respect to iOS-related security research.

A wonderful example of that happened just this weekend in Chengdu, China at the TianfuCup (TFC) 2021, where the Pangu Team appears to be taking home the first-place prize in the contest by successfully pwning Apple’s brand-new iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 15 via a remote jailbreak. The earnings? A juicy $330,000 cash prize.

Hacker pattern_F_ goes hands-on with Saar Amar’s new kernel vulnerability, demos jailbreak on iOS 14.0

Security researcher Saar Amar on Monday published a proof of concept (PoC) of a kernel-level vulnerability dubbed CVE-2021-30883 that was patched by Apple’s iOS & iPadOS 15.0.2 software updates.

The write-up reignited hope that we’d see a jailbreak for recent iterations of Apple’s mobile operating systems, and perhaps unsurprisingly, some security researchers have already started going hands-on with it.