This MacDirtyCow add-on disables the iPhone’s Camera app shutter sound

The MacDirtyCow bug for iOS 15.x-16.1.2 has proven to be a rather interesting one. Without jailbreaking your device, you can exploit this bug to do things such as customize system fonts and change the Lock Screen’s Face ID glyph animation. But it seems like the realm of possibilities doesn’t stop there.

The Camera of an iPhone 14 Pro Max.
| Image: Quinn Battick/Unsplash

With yet another add-on called NoCameraSound, those choosing to take advantage of the MacDirtyCow bug can now disable the shutter sound in their iPhone’s native Camera app without a jailbreak, even if the iPhone won’t ordinarily let you do this out of the box.

While the Camera app’s shutter sound can be disabled with ease on iPhones in some countries, others aren’t so lenient. The add-on appears to be a means to circumvent this restriction, but it’s important to keep your region’s laws regarding camera shutter sounds in mind before attempting to dive any deeper.

Available on the straight-tamago GitHub repository, the NoShutterSound add-on can be installed via TrollStore (on supported versions) or sideloaded via utilities like AltStore or Sideloady. Once installed, you can use the sideloaded app to enable its features.

The functionality change lasts as long as the device remains turned on, and will revert to stock functionality upon a simple reboot. This is a limitation of the MacDirtyCow bug, since it makes changes in the device’s volatile RAM.

If you’re interested in learning more about the NoCameraSound add-on for the MacDirtyCow bug on iOS 15.x-16.1.2, then you can head over to the project’s GitHub page.