Some of the best time management jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

Keeping track of the time on a busy schedule is important, and that’s why iDB used the fast-paced 2022 Thanksgiving holiday to reminisce on what we believe are some of the best jailbreak tweaks for time management on the iOS & iPadOS 14 platforms.

The best jailbreak tweaks for managing your time.

If keeping track of the time seems like a challenging skill when you’re in the middle of having fun, working, or going about your life, then the add-ons that we’re about to show you for your pwned handset may help you in some way shape or form.

The best time management jailbreak tweaks

TimeJump – FREE

TimeJump preference pane.

Some people can’t help but show up “fashionably” late to every occasion, so the best thing you might be able to do in these situations is allow your clock to run fast so that you always feel like you’re running late (even if you’re actually early).

The TimeJump jailbreak tweak does exactly that and can make it seem like you’re actually late when you’re early or right on time. While you get the illusion of running late, everyone around you will glance in astonishment as you roll up for the occasion right on time.

You can learn more about TimeJump and how it works in our full review post

DualClock 2 – FREE

Display two different time zones on the Lock Screen with DualClock 2.

Not only is it important to know what time it is in your area, but if you have friends or family from other parts of the country or on another continent, then you might want to know what time it is in their area too so that you can avoid disturbing them during sensitive hours.

The DualClock 2 jailbreak tweak is a free add-on that puts two individual time displays on the Lock Screen, one for you and the other for someone else’s time zone. You can customize what time zone is used for both clocks, so you could even have two different time zone clocks instead of displaying your own time if you wanted.

You can find out more about DualClock 2 in our full review post.

Clock+ – FREE

ClockPlus shows how much time remains before pending alarms will fire.

When you use iPhone or iPad alarms to keep track of the things you do throughout the day, you might occasionally glance into the Clock app to remind yourself of what those alarms are.

The Clock+ jailbreak tweak is a handy add-on that displays the amount of time remaining before your alarm(s) are scheduled to fire. This means you can better prepare for when an alarm will go off, helping ensure probable odds that you’ll be timely for the event.

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date bar – FREE

The date bar jailbreak tweak adds the date by the time in the Status Bar.

The date, while frequently distinguished from the time, is an important aspect of time-telling that can help you better understand where you are in the middle of your work week. That said, the date should be easy to discern.

The free date bar jailbreak tweak intently adds the date right next to the time in the Status Bar so you can always ascertain the date, even when you’re not on the Home Screen or Lock Screen.

You can learn more about date bar and how it works in our full review post.

DigitalClock – FREE

DigitalClock transforms the Home Screen Clock app icon into a digital clock.

Some people struggle to read analog clocks, especially at a glance.

The free DigitalClock jailbreak tweak replaces the Home Screen’s animated analog Clock app icon with a digital time display, ensuring you have no excuse but to know what time it is at all times.

You can learn more about DigitalClock in our full review post.

StatusBarTimer – FREE

StatusBarTimer adds a countdown timer to the Status Bar for any active timers.

If you ever use the native Clock app on your iPhone or iPad to set timers, then you might benefit from the likes of a jailbreak tweak called StatusBarTimer.

This simple jailbreak tweak adds a time remaining countdown timer to the Status Bar so you can see exactly how much time remains before an active timer will fire.

You can learn more about StatusBarTimer in our full review post.


Sometimes all you need to keep better track of time is a smart piece of software that engages you as the user of your smartphone or tablet. Jailbreak tweaks such as these can complement the stock iOS experience, giving you a more all-knowing sense of the time and when you should be doing certain things to avoid trouble.

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