StatusBarTimer puts the remainder of your iPhone’s active timer in the Status Bar

After setting a timer on your iPhone, you can either glance at the Lock Screen or open the Clock app to see the remainder before it rings. Sadly, there’s no in-between; your iPhone either needs to be locked or you’ll have to glue your eyes to the Clock app.

That’s something that a new and free jailbreak tweak called StatusBarTimer by iOS developer ldefix2020 aims to fix, as it puts the timer remainder in the Status Bar so that you can see it from just about anywhere in iOS.

Snooze++ lets jailbreakers specify custom alarm snooze durations via the Clock app

Anyone who uses an alarm to get up in the morning should be at least vaguely familiar with the snooze function, which allows you to procrastinate with respect to waking up for a short period of time before the alarm goes off again. The iPhone’s built-in alarm function also provides this feature, albeit not with as much customization as some would like.

Snooze++ is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer arya1106 that changes this for alarm-using jailbreakers. With it, users can optimize each of their individual alarms’ snooze durations directly from iOS’ native Clock app.

This tweak switches the Clock app’s animated analog icon to a digital format

One of the small details that I appreciate about my iPhone’s Home Screen is the fact that the Clock app’s icon has been animated with moving hands (seconds, minutes, and hours) to display the correct time in real time. But it’s still strange to me that Apple only provides an analog option.

With a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called DigitalClock by iOS developer Chr1s, you can replace the Clock app’s animated analog clock Home Screen icon with a digital clock alternative. Additionally, the tweak comes with a plethora of different options for customizing the appearance.

Miss iOS 13’s wheel-based date picker? This jailbreak tweak ports it to iOS 14

If you ever set up alarms in your iPhone’s native Clock app or upcoming events in the Calendar app, then you’re probably used to having to enter a specific time and date for those types of configurations.

As many noticed, iOS & iPadOS 14 have replaced the traditional wheel-style date selector with an inline version that displays a combo box for the time and a full-blown calendar picker for the date. While some really like this new inline selector, others aren’t used to it and have found it to be more cumbersome.

NappyTime14 adds countdown timers to your iPhone’s alarm interface

Many iPhone users rely on their handset to wake them up each and every morning with its built-in alarm feature, myself included.

While I certainly appreciate just how easy it is to set up alarms in the iPhone’s native Clock app, I also recognize that there are a few different ways Apple could make it better. One of those would be to add a countdown timer to the native alarm interface.

TimerIcon gives the Clock app an animated timer countdown icon

It was only yesterday that we showed you a jailbreak tweak dubbed Gears, which animated the Settings app icon on the Home Screen such that the gears depicted inside the icon actually rotated, much like one used by the OTA software update mechanism from the days of iOS 7.

Today, we look at an entirely different type of animated Home Screen icon – one that impacts the likes of the Clock app to depict the current state of any active timers you might have counting down in the background. Such an icon is brought to us by way of a new jailbreak tweak called TimerIcon by iOS developer Idefix0202.

How to display your reading progress or the clock on Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Select Reading Progress And Enable Clock

When you’re reading a book on your Kindle Paperwhite, you may not have a lot of time. Maybe it’s your coffee break from work or spare time before dinner. In these situations, it’s good to know how much time is remaining or the current time.

You can display your reading progress with the time left in the chapter or book, see the current time while you’re reading, or simply show the page or location in a book. Here’s how.

BigSnooze makes it less frustrating to snooze or stop an iPhone or iPad’s alarm

Anyone who uses their iPhone’s native alarm feature to wake up each morning probably understands the struggle of trying to turn the obnoxious noise off when it begins firing. On the other hand, you might only be half-awake when you attempt to do so, resulting in repeated blind taps on your nightstand only to find that you continuously miss the correct button to stop the alarm.

BigSnooze is a new jailbreak tweak developed by Cole Cabral that tries to remedy this problem by making the snooze and stop buttons easier to tap when you’re on the cusp of awake and incoherent while the alarm fires at the crack of dawn. The result? No more tapping around and missing the desired button with your finger when you’re groggy.