The new date bar jailbreak tweak adds the date to your iPhone’s Status Bar

If you’re in the market to enhance your iPhone’s Status Bar with a more detailed time display, then we think there’s a humble chance that you just might appreciate a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called date bar by iOS developer ElioFegh.

The new date bar jailbreak tweak simply replaces the basic time display with one that shows both the date and the time in the same text string.

Due to the amount of text being displayed here with date bar, we think it looks best on non-notched handsets because of all the available space at the center of the Status Bar on those devices, however the tweak is certainly compatible with notched handsets as you’re about to see in the screenshot example below:

To make it fit in the small pocket to the left of the notch on affected handsets, date bar automatically scales the text of the date & time display so that it doesn’t truncate or shorten the information to be displayed.

Unfortunately, date bar doesn’t currently provide any options to customize the date and time format, which may help with any sizing concerns relating to notched devices, but that could always change in a future update.

If you’re interested in adding the date to your Status Bar’s time display by way of the new date bar jailbreak tweak, then be sure to check it out for yourself. It’s available as a free download from Elio Fegh’s personal repository via any package manager app of your choosing and supports jailbroken iOS 12, 13, and 14 devices.

Not already using ElioFegh’s personal repository? No problem! Just use the URL that we’ve provided below to add it to your package manager app of choice:

What are your thoughts about having the date integrated with the time in the Status Bar? We’re interested in reading your thoughts on the matter in the comments section down below.