Jailbreak news of the week: Luca Todesco shows off iOS 16.1 beta jailbreak, new tools for TrollStore, & more…

It seems like there are a lot of different projects to keep tabs on these days whether you’re an existing jailbreaker or a prospective jailbreaker waiting for a release. With that in mind, it can feel like a challenge trying to stay on top of all these developments. That’s why we’re here.

In this weekend’s roundup, we’ll take a closer look at all the latest jailbreak news stories and tweak releases spanning the week of Monday, October 10th to Sunday, October 16th.

Important news from this week

Luca Todesco demos iOS 16.1 beta jailbreak

Luca Todesco iOS 16 jailbreak

Luca Todesco, the hacker responsible for the Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak and for his efforts in the checkra1n jailbreak and in developing PongoOS-centric hacks, showed off a jailbreak on iOS 16.1 beta at the Hexacon security conference.

The talk also discussed Apple’s increasingly challenging security mitigations and how they impact security research today.

You can find out more about the talk and the jailbreak demo in our full news post.

Fugu15 won’t support iOS 15.5 beta 4

Linus Henze demonstrates Fugu15 jailbreak on iOS 15.4.1.

Despite originally stating that the upcoming Fugu15 jailbreak would support iOS & iPadOS versions 15.0-15.5 beta 4, project developer Linus Henze walked back that statement on Monday after realizing he was mistaken.

Human error seemed to be the culprit here, as Henze accidentally checked compatibility against iOS 15.4 beta 4 when he thought he was checking against iOS 15.5 beta 4. While some iOS 15.5 betas will probably be supported, the exact builds aren’t yet known at this time, as Henze must now find new offsets.

You can find out more about the announcement in our full news post.

Palera1n gets updated with bug fixes

The palera1n iOS 15.x jailbreak tool for developers was updated to version 1.1.1 with a semi-long list of bug fixes and improvements.

This jailbreak supports tethered tweak injection on iOS 15.0-15.3.1, however due to being based on the checkm8 bootrom exploit, it only supports A9-A11 chip-equipped iPhones and iPads.

You can learn more about everything that was fixed in this update in our full news post.

App to convert .deb files into .ipa files

Convert .deb apps into .ipa apps for TrollStore with this conversion tool.

If you’re a TrollStore user, then you may come across a .deb-based jailbreak app that you wish to install on your non-jailbroken device.

The new deb-to-ipa-apps conversion tool is available for anyone to use, and makes it possible to quickly and easily convert a .deb-based app into a .ipa-based app.

You can learn more about deb-to-ipa-apps and where you can get it from in our full news post.

Change iPhone display resolution with TrollStore

Resolution Setter is a new display resolution-changing utility for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices on iOS 14.0-15.4.1 that have the TrollStore app installed.

With it, users can pick from several different presets, or they can enter in their own preferred display resolution and apply it on the fly. All changes are purportedly safe and will be reset to stock after a reboot.

You can learn more about Resolution Setter in our full news post.

BlizzardBoard TrollStore theming

BlizzardBoard Var Mobile Themes

BlizzardBoard is a new app for TrollStore that allows users to theme their app icons with or without a jailbreak.

The app works by applying themes in .zip folders, so you can convert theme .deb files into .zip folders to use them.

You can learn more about BlizzardBoard and how it works in our full news post.

TrollInstaller2 for arm64e on iOS 14.0-15.5 beta 4

TrollStore logo.

TrollStore perma-signing utility developer opa334 released an updated version of TrollInstaller in the form of TrollInstaller2 that adds support for arm64e devices running iOS & iPadOS 14.0-15.5 beta 4. This makes installing TrollStore on these devices easier than ever before.

While opa334 originally thought that support for arm64 devices would be possible, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The new recommended means for those older device users to install TrollStore is to use checkra1n and TrollHelper.

Everything you need to know about this TrollInstaller2 release can be found in our full news post.

TrollStore updated to version 1.2


TrollStore was updated to version 1.2 with minor bug fixes and support for a new installation method that developer opa334 calls TrollHelperOTA.

TrollHelperOTA will replace TrollHelper(2) as the primary installation method, making the latter deprecated.

You can learn more about the TrollStore version 1.2 update in our full new post.

Best hiding stuff jailbreak tweaks

There are a bevy of jailbreak tweaks that can be used to hide things from the user interface on iOS 14, and iDB has curated a specialized list denoting what we think are some of the best ones.

iOS 16.0.3 released

iOS 16 icon set against a solid light-gray background

Apple on Monday released iOS 16.0.3 with a slew of bug fixes, most of which were intended for the iPhone 14 lineup.

Obviously, prospective jailbreakers should stay far away from this update, as there is no jailbreak available for it.

You can learn more about everything new in iOS 16.0.3 in our full news post.

Everything else from this week

Jailbreak Tweaks

BenefitPay++: More options for copying IBAN and amount details in the transaction history and inbox of the BenefitPay app (free via BigBoss repository)

clear not playing: Hide the “not playing” text from the Control Center music player interface (free via Elio Feghali’s repository – review post)

Flare for Signal: Adds more features to the Signal Messenger app (free via BigBoss repository)

JailMonkeyBypass: Bypass jailbreak detection in the JailMonkeyb app (free via BigBoss repository)

OneSettings: A tweak to enhance the Settings app on your jailbroken handset ($1.49 via Chariz repository – review post)

Printemps: A smaller and more luxurious Now Playing widget for the Lock Screen (free via Havoc repository – review post)

RedditNoAD(Beta): Hides the promoted ad from the Reddit app (free via Brend0n’s repository)

Uptime: A slick new Control Center widget to see how long it has been since the last time you rebooted and re-jailbroke your iPhone or iPad (free via Havoc repository – review post)

youtube no panel: Prevents the YouTube app from displaying comments beside the video when viewing in landscape orientation (free via Elio Feghali’s repository – review post)

That brings this week’s jailbreak-oriented roundup to a close, but we’ll be right back next weekend with a similar roundup just like this one, albeit with refreshed content that reflects the times at hand.

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