New app makes converting .deb files into .ipa files for TrollStore even easier

iOS developer SourceLocation is out today with a new app called deb-to-ipa-app that converts .deb-based apps into .ipa-based apps so that they can be installed and perma-signed with opa334’s TrollStore.

deb-to-ipa-app user interface for converting .deb files into .ipa files to use with TrollStore.

Jailbreakers generally depend on .deb files when installing jailbreak apps and tweaks, obtainable from repositories via package manager apps such as Cydia, Sileo, Zebra, and the likes. However, these .deb files can often be had from websites like iOS Repo Updates if the package is free to download.

With this handy utility, even those without a jailbreak who might be using the TrollStore perms-signing app on their handset can now install apps that would ordinarily only be available to jailbreakers via a package manager app.

As you might be able to tell from the app’s screenshot in the image embedded above, deb-to-ipa-app provides a simple blue button for importing a .deb file, which the app can then convert to a TrollStore-compatible app. Notably, not just any .deb file will work; it must be an app (not a tweak) that was compiled for a jailbroken device.

Citing the developer in their /r/jailbreak release post, the new deb-to-ipa-app app does essentially the same thing as deb-to-ipa by itsnebulalol, the developer behind the palera1n checkm8-based iOS & iPadOS 15.x jailbreak for developers. The primary differences, however, are that the app does the conversion locally and that a GitHub account isn’t required.

Another thing that may be of interest to some is that the deb-to-ipa-app is fully open source on the developer’s GitHub.

If you’re interested in giving the deb-to-ipa-app app a try for your TrollStore needs, then you can download it for free from the developer’s GitHub page.