Linus Henze says iOS 15.5 beta 4 won’t be supported by Fugu15

Renowned security researcher Linus Henze on Monday updated the support notes of the Fugu15 jailbreak that he demonstrated on an iOS 15.4.1 device this past Thursday at the Objective by the Sea security conference.

Linus Henze says Fugu15 won’t support iOS 15.5 beta 4.

In a Tweet shared just this morning, Henze cited a slide from his presentation in which he noted that iOS 15.5 beta 4 would be supported and said this was a mistake after realizing from his zsh history that he tested Fugu15 on iOS 15.4 beta 4 instead of the former.

In a follow-up Tweet, Henze clarified that Fugu15 would still support all iOS & iPadOS 15.x versions between 15.0 and 15.4.1 and that “some 15.5 betas are supported too” although this might require finding additional offsets.

The goof-up was merely human error and shouldn’t affect the general public in any way as few people actually use betas for jailbreaking. Most jailbreakers prefer to use the latest jailbreakable and stable firmware release, which in this case would be iOS & iPadOS 15.4.1.

Regardless of the change, Fugu15 is still a substantial breakthrough as it’s the first jailbreak supporting newer devices capable of running on a firmware newer than iOS & iPadOS 15.1.1, which is the final firmware that the Odyssey Team’s upcoming Cheyote jailbreak will support.

Much like Cheyote, Fugu15 will be a rootless jailbreak. Jailbreak tweaks are going to need to be updated for the rootless dynamic before they can be used, which is one of the most substantial reasons for all the delays affecting iOS & iPadOS 15 jailbreaks.