Apple stops signing iOS 16.0 & 16.0.1, halting downgrades from iOS 16.0.2

Just last Thursday, Apple publicly released iOS 16.0.2 with a patchwork of bug fixes for the company’s latest mobile operating system – iOS 16. Just some of the remedies included with the update were a solution for the freaky camera vibration when using third-party apps and a resolution for the excessive clipboard permission prompts users would get upon pasting text copied from one app to another, among other things.

New IPSW app by Hyperixa lets jailbreakers learn which firmware is signed for their device

One thing jailbreakers and jailbreak hopefuls must pay close attention to is their handset’s firmware. Apple intently unsigns older versions of iOS and iPadOS to prevent users from downgrading to them from newer versions — an effort that makes jailbreaking more difficult as Apple pushes software updates frequently to patch the bugs and exploits used by jailbreak tools.

Apple stops signing iOS 15.3.1, ending ordinary downgrades from newer iOS 15.4

Downgrade iOS 15

Following a rigorous beta period, Apple unleashed its iOS & iPadOS 15.4 software updates for iPhone and iPad last Monday with huge upgrades, such as being able to unlock an iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask and support for Universal Control, among other things. As we come up on a full week after the release, it’s unsurprising to see that Apple has now stopped signing the previous release: iOS & iPadOS 15.3.1.