Jailbreak news of the week: pod2g & p0sixninja comment on iOS security, another iOS 16.1 jailbreak shown off, & more…

Prospective jailbreakers have been salivating for some good news for months, and while there might not be a public jailbreak for iOS 15.x just yet (with the exception of palera1n for developers with checkm8-compatible devices), we do at least have TrollStore to hold us over as we wait.

Weekly jailbreak news roundup.

In the meantime, iDB is proud to bring our readers this comprehensive roundup of all the latest jailbreak-based news and tweak releases spanning the week of Monday l, October 17th to Sunday, October 23rd. We’ll kick things off with the latest news highlights before diving in to the jailbreak tweak releases and alternative content.

Important news from this week

Former jailbreak developers pod2g and p0sixninja comment about iOS security

pod2g interview

Security researcher @pod2g shared rare comments this past week about the evolution of iOS security and how it’s impacting the InfoSec and jailbreak communities.

The comments came one week after Luca Todesco discussed iOS security at Hexacon and then showed off an iOS 16 jailbreak on stage.

In a response to the comment, Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) suggested that the Dream Team be reunited once again to face this challenge.

You can learn more about what @pod2g had to say in our full news post.

Luca Todesco won’t release iOS 16 jailbreak

Luca Todesco shows off an iOS 16 jailbreak at Hexacon.

Seasoned iPhone security researcher Luca Todesco showed off an iOS 16 jailbreak at the Hexacon security conference during a talk last Friday, which gave a lot of prospective jailbreakers hope.

But Todesco n has confirmed that he has no plans to release it, and that it isn’t a full jailbreak. Todesco also gave comments about the future of jailbreaking.

You can read more about what was said in our full news post.

kok3shi jailbreak developer shows off jailbroken iOS 16.1 device

Sileo running on Dora2ios’s iOS 16.1 jailbreak.

A developer behind the kok3shi jailbreak for 64-bit iOS 9.3.2-9.3.5 devices that goes by the name of @dora2ios has shown off a jailbroken iPhone X running iOS 16.1.

The jailbreak supports the Sileo package manager and appears to operate on the checkm8 hardware-based bootrom exploit.

You can read everything we know about the demo in our full news post.

palera1n jailbreak gets a silent update

palera1n jailbreak icon.

The palera1n team silently released an update to the developer-only, checkm8 exploit-based palera1n jailbreak tool for A9-A11 devices running iOS 15.x with a fix for the deep sleep issue.

According to developer @itsnebulalol, the update was released silently because the bug fix only worked for some users and not all.

You can learn more about the update in our full news post.

TrollTools for TrollStore

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With the new TrollTools app for TrollStore, users can customize their Home Screen app icons, appearance of the Lock Screen passcode buttons, and aesthetics of app icon badges on iOS 15.

The app is an all-in-one that combines the abilities of several apps into one, and best of all, the developer claims it is more stable than the others.

You can learn more about TrollTools and how it works in our full review post.

Spoof iPhone location with TrollStore

The new Localisation Changer app for TrollStore lets users, jailbroken or not, spoof their current location.

The app works by letting the user select a location in the Apple Maps app, drop a pin there, and then export it to the app. From there, the saved location can be ‘simulated’ on demand so that other apps on the iPhone think that you’re currently residing at that location.

You can find out more about Localisation Changer and how it works in our full news post about it.

TrollStore’s new safety feature

TrollStore logo.

TrollStore received an update to version 1.2.1 this past week to add a safety feature that would prevent apps from having the same identifier as system/pre-installed Apple apps.

The fix was purportedly necessary to address a bootloop problem that could happen in this instance.

You can learn more about the TrollStore v1.2.1 update in our full news post.

Another update was released the following day as version 1.2.2 with further improvements to this anti-bootloop safety system, which you can read all about in our other news post.

Glo macOS Big Sur-inspired icon pack

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Glo is a new and free macOS Big Sur-inspired icon pack that can be applied to Android smartphones and to jailbroken or non-jailbroken iPhones as a theme to make the Home Screen look fancier.

Jailbreakers can download the theme from a repository in their favorite package manager app and apply it with SnowBoard, while non-jailbreakers can download the theme from a website and apply it with the Shortcuts app method.

You can read more about Glo and what it’s all about in our full review post.

Best Motivation Jailbreak Tweaks

Jailbreak tweaks to stay motivated.

There’s a seemingly endless ocean of jailbreak tweaks out there available to the general public, but a small subset of those may be able to help you stay motivated, even under some of the most demanding conditions.

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the best motivation-boosting jailbreak tweaks, then be sure to check out our full roundup post.

Apple stops signing iOS 16.0.2

iOS 16 firmware downgrade

One week after releasing iOS 16.0.3, Apple has stopped signing iOS 16.0.2 in a bid to stop firmware downgrades and artificially boost software upgrade numbers by leaving users with no other legitimate option.

You can learn more about the impact this has on individual users in our full news post.

Other stuff from this week

DenyOnce: A free jailbreak tweak that provides the option to deny an app’s request for your current location just one time (free via Google Drive – review post)

VioletCustomize the Siri background and the iOS SpringBoard welcome Screen background with images and options of your choosing (free via GitHub — review post)

With today’s jailbreak content roundup coming to a close, we’d like to end on a productive note, so we’ll link back to last week’s roundup in case you missed anything important and share a bevy of recommended jailbreak tweak roundup posts below.

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