Jailbreak tweaks of the week: AnyKeyTrackpad, Pixel, & more…

One thing we like to do around here at iDownloadBlog is use our Sunday to reflect upon the latest developments in the jailbreak community – this might include jailbreak tweak releases and jailbreak-oriented news.

In today’s roundup, we’ll be focusing on everything that came about between Monday, May 16th and Sunday, May 22nd. As always, we’re going to start things off with our favorite releases first and then wrap things up with an outline comprised of everything else afterward.

Our favorite releases this week

Pixel – $2.50

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Pixel is a unique jailbreak tweak that adds some symmetry to the iPhone’s photograph user experience.

It achieves this symmetry by allowing you to access the camera and advanced photography features from the Photos app, similarly to how you can get to the Photo Library from the Camera app. It just makes sense.

You can learn all about Pixel and the powerful convenience features it brings to the table in our full review post.

Other releases this week

Aerial 2: Colorize your Status Bar icons to your liking ($1.99 via Havoc repository – review)

AnyKeyTrackpad: Use any key on your iPhone’s keyboard to invoke the trackpad (free via Havoc repository – review)

ApexLegendsBP: A jailbreak bypass for Apex Legends mobile (free via level3tjg’s repository)

CopyLog: A full-fledged clipboard manager for jailbroken devices ($2.49 via Havoc repository – review)

IGetMoreChoices: Allows for more than 4 choices for IG Quiz (free via PoomSmart’s repository)

OneHandWizard 2: Makes one-handed usage of larger iPhones easier ($2.49 via Havoc repository – review)

RedditOldDiscovery: Replaces the Reddit app’s new Discovery tab with the original tab that it replaced (free via level3tjg’s repository – review)

Sleeper: Upgrades the iPhone’s alarm interface with several much-needed features ($0.99 via Havoc repository – review)

Springtomize 4: Customize almost any facet of iOS with this all-in-one tweak ($3.99 via Havoc repository – review)

Everything else from this week

Best Utilitarian Jailbreak Tweaks: We show you what we believe are some of the best utilitarian jailbreak tweaks for iOS & iPadOS 14.

CoolStar: Odyssey Team lead developer CoolStar said that there’s a possibility the team has found a way to defeat AMFI on iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week, but we’ll be right back again next Sunday with an updated roundup just like this one containing all the latest jailbreak-centric developments that we’re about to show you in the coming week.

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