Editor’s Desk: Epic Games goes to war with Apple, WeChat and TikTok ban threatens iPhone & more

Epic Games has decided to go to war with Apple and Google over their app store practices, and has done so in a very public way which prompted both companies to remove Fortnite from their stores. Meanwhile, Apple could suffer a major burn if the TikTok ban is upheld and the WeChat app gets removed from the store.

Editor’s Desk: August 10-16

Welcome to a new installment of our Editor’s Desk weekly column in which we round up everything that was published on iDownloadBlog.com from August 10 through 16.

“Let’s Talk iOS” podcast: Unsolved TikTalks

In episode #356 of iDownloadBlog’s “Let’s Talk iOS” podcast, Cody and Web go deeper into major news of the week, including Phil Schiller stepping down and the refreshed iMacs. They also find time to talk about the potential ban of TikTok and WeChat in the United States.

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Wallpapers: Space and planet pack for iOS

This week’s collection brings eight space and planet-themed wallpapers to adorn the Lock and Home screens of your iPhone and iPad. These sharp high-resolution photographs next to deep space will really pop on your LCD or OLED screen.

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