Sonic offers jailbroken iPhone users an easy way to create and import ringtones

Most people I know like to configure custom ringtone(s) on their iPhone so that they aren’t listening to the boring stock ringtones every time someone tries to get ahold of them. Users have the option of purchasing ringtones from Apple’s iTunes Store or creating their own with the help of dedicated software.

If the iPhone you plan to create ringtones for is jailbroken, then you now have the additional option of using a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Sonic by iOS developer Zeph. By design, Sonic offers users an all-in-one solution for creating and importing ringtones and text tones to the ringtone/text tone libraries from the iPhone itself.

Right out of the box, Sonic supports a myriad of different ringtone creation methods. Whether you fancy searching online for preferred ringtones or cutting sound bites out of existing audio tracks and turning them into ringtones for your personal handset, the tweak has you covered.

Upon importing ringtones or text tones that you create or download, Sonic makes it easy to manage them. You can easily delete third-party ringtones or text tones from your iPhone’s ringtone or text tone library in the Settings app, and moreover, you can enable them from here as well.

If you’re creating your own ringtones, then you’ll notice from the screenshot examples that Sonic lets you choose audio files from your handset’s storage disk. Upon choosing one, an interface depicting an audio waveform and editing tools appears, permitting you to crop your favorite portion of the sound bite and save it as a ringtone to be imported.

If you’re downloading pre-made ringtones, then the interface offers solutions for interfacing with popular online resources like Zedge. Upon downloading a ringtone, you can easily import it to your ringtone library with Sonic.

It’s worth noting that you can also create ringtones for free with Garageband or iTunes, but it takes a bit more effort to do so. Sonic is a paid jailbreak tweak carrying a price tag of $1.99, and whether or not that’s worth it to you will depend on whether you enjoy convenience, a beautiful interface, and an all-in-one solution with many options.

Sonic is available to purchase from the Twickd repository and supports jailbroken iOS 13 devices. At this time, Sonic only supports iPhones, but support for iPads is being actively worked on and will be released at a future date.

Do you plan to use Sonic to create and import your own custom ringtones on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.