Apple has registered the domain

Apple has registered the domain, but there was no content or redirect active at that URL at post time.

MacRumors discovered a new WHOIS record which shows that Apple became the owner of yesterday. Tim Cook and his lieutenants have been pouring billions of dollars in the past two years into Apple’s worldwide video production efforts which have so far resulted in dozens of original TV shows and movies for its video-streaming service.

MacRumors comments:

The record’s domain information lists Apple Inc. as the registrant organization. The registrar is CSC Corporate Domains, a firm that protects domain names for large corporations, and is used by Apple for its domain name registrations.

Apple may or may not choose to use the domain actively. In the past, the company preemptively registered some domain names which included product and brand names so that its rivals couldn’t get those vanity URLs. For instance, there’s no website at the domain but typing that URL into your browser does redirects you to

That being said, Apple has been allocating more resources lately toward original video production. It recently signed first-look TV and movie deals with Martin Scorsese, Idris Elba’s production company, called Green Door Pictures, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company and Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey’s Team Downey production company.

The company may also decided to buy older films and TV shows in order to turn Apple TV+ from a place that only serves Apple originals into a versatile video service that provides a mixture of first and third-party content.

Finally, Apple is rumored to be launching several subscription bundles alongside the next iPhone in October, dubbed Apple One, that would combine Apple TV+ with other services at a discount.