This tweak auto-pauses media playback when muting your iPhone’s volume

There are often times when I’m forced to turn my iPhone’s media playback volume down so I can hear someone as they’re talking to me. But even with my volume turned all the way down, my media playback continues without an audience.

It’s odd that iOS and iPadOS haven’t adopted a user-friendly feature to auto-pause media playback when the volume is turned all the way down, especially since you wouldn’t even be able to hear it. While it wouldn’t be necessary for video playback, it would certainly be useful for music.

How to convert video to audio on iPhone and Mac

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There could be several reasons why one may want to convert a video to an audio file. A long speech, a video lecture, a music video, are some examples of things people usually want to convert to audio only. Converting a video to audio will also mean that you save a lot of space on your iPhone or Mac.