How to use Search to quickly launch apps and websites on iPhone and iPad

Enhanced Search Quick Launcher iPad

With iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple updated the built-in Search tool. You can find items within apps much faster and with better results. Plus the Search tool is now compact, so you can see more at once.

Another great feature of Search is a quick launcher. By just typing in a few letters, you can open apps and websites with a tap. The results it provides appear more intelligent than before and you’ll notice this the first time you use the updated tool. Here’s how to use enhanced Search to launch apps and websites on iPhone and iPad.

Use the Search tool quick launcher

Before iOS 14, you could use the Search tool to find apps on your device. But now, those apps that match the letters you’re entering pop right to the top of the list. This is handy if you use folders to organize apps because if you need one in a hurry or simply can’t find one, Search saves you from hunting  around your device.

Just start typing the name of the app. With each letter you add, you’ll see results immediately. The first app in the list will display with its name in the search field and the word “Open”. If this is app you want, hit Go on your keyboard and the app will open.

Search Quick Launcher Apps iPad

If the second app in the list happens to be the one you want, you can tap it in the results or enter the next letter in the name and tap Go on the keyboard. This means you don’t have to move your fingers from the keyboard to open the app you want.

Searching for a website works pretty much the same way as searching for an app. Just start typing the letters of the site’s name. You’ll see a list of results that you can tap to open in Safari. But you’ll also see the complete name of the top site in the list within the search field. Again, tap Go on your keyboard and the site will open in Safari.

Search Quick Launcher Web iPad

Below you’ll see an example of the improved Search tool when looking for a website. As you can see with iPadOS 14 on the right, Search puts that top hit directly below the search field and gives you the Go button. On the left with iPadOS, that top hit falls beneath other web suggestions as well as the app on the App Store.

Search Launch Web iPadOS vs iPadOS 14

Wrapping it up

Having an enhanced Search tool on iPhone and iPad makes simple tasks, like searching for an app or site, a breeze. Be sure to take advantage of the improved Search on your device and let us know what you think of it in the comments below!