Tweetbot adds expanded trackpad support in latest update

Tweetbot is one of the most popular third-party Twitter apps out there for iOS, and now it supports expanded support for trackpads, making it even more helpful.

The latest update for Tweetbot (which is Tweetbot 5, for those keeping track) was released today, August 12, 2020. It comes with a handful of bullet points in the changelog, but the biggest new addition is support for additional trackpad support. It’s worth noting that many gestures were already supported in Tweetbot, but now with the latest update users can use gestures for interacting with the timeline and more. Pointer support is also now a thing in the app.

With the latest update, this brings Tweetbot 5 to version 5.2.

The update also adds the ability to open links in Microsoft’s Edge browser, Opera, and DuckDuckGo. There’s more, too, so here’s the changelog:

– Added trackpad support

– Added support for opening links in Opera, Edge and DuckDuckGo browsers

– Added option to open universal/deep links in apps that support them

– Tons of bug fixes

Tweetbot 5 is $4.99 and also offers in-app purchases. The latest update is available now for users who already have the app installed.

Are you a Tweetbot user? Or do you prefer using a different Twitter app?