How to remove all Twitter bookmarks at once from the app or computer

An iPhone mockup showing Twitter bookmarks

Twitter Bookmarks is a place where you can save Tweets and get back to them later. It's kind of like bookmarks in a web browser. If you have been using this feature for a long time, you may have bookmarked several Tweets, and unlike web browsers, you can’t sort them in folders, so it may be hard to scroll and quickly find a specific bookmarked Tweet.

Thankfully, you can effortlessly clear all bookmarks in just a few taps in case you want to start fresh or have bookmarked several Tweets you no longer need to reference. This tutorial shows you how to remove all Twitter bookmarks using the Twitter app or computer.

Twitter is officially working on an edit button, and testing will begin soon for select users

Twitter App Main Screen MacBook

Twitter has been around for a long, long time. And in that time there has been a lot of content published on the social network. Some of it pretty great, and other content not so much. And in a lot of cases users have wished upon the brightest star to get an edit button, but, alas, Twitter hasn't seemed all that interested in actually implementing the feature. Until now!