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Apple announces Apple Watch Series 8

Two Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatches next to each other

Today is September 7, which means its an Apple announcement day. The company said we'd be going "Far Out" this time around, and the company is certainly aiming pretty high with its newest products. Take, for example, the brand new Apple Watch -- the Series 8.

Apple settles with FlickType developer over App Store rejections and more

Not too long ago, Apple introduced a built-in keyboard for the Apple Watch. It's a handy feature that can help you get out what you're trying to say in a pinch -- especially if you can't get to your phone. But, as is pretty typical, Apple's option wasn't the only keyboard available for the Apple Watch. There used to be the app FlickType, developed by Kosta Eleftheriou.

Razer launches Kishi V2 mobile gaming controller for iPhone

One of the reasons why Nintendo's Switch is so popular is its mobility, while still also working great as a home video game console. Which is why mobile gaming controllers, like the Kishi from Razer, are also pretty popular in their own right. The accessory attaches directly to your iPhone (or Android devices, depending on support), letting gamers get even more control out of their games.

New movies and shows coming to Apple TV+ in September 2022

What to watch this month on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has certainly made a case for itself since its launch, especially with shows like The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Severance, and, of course, Ted Lasso. But in this day and age of "content," there can never be too much to watch. Which is why September is playing host to a whole bunch of brand new series premieres for Apple's video streaming service.

The ‘iPhone 14 Max’ might actually be called the iPhone 14 Plus

Apple is going to host a "Far Out" event on September 7, 2022. It's there that the company will undoubtedly unveil its brand new iPhone lineup, which is expected to include four new models. However, unlike the years prior, there won't be a "mini" model included in the lineup. Instead, it will be a range of big and bigger phones.

T-Mobile is bundling Apple TV+ as part of its Magenta MAX plan

T-Mobile, which bills itself as the "Un-carrier," offers up a lot of special perks for its customers. Especially those who pony up the cash for its most expensive (and popular) plan, Magenta MAX. That includes bundling streaming services into the mix, like Netflix for instance. And now it includes Apple's own video streaming service as well.

U.S. Department of Justice reportedly in early stages of drafting an antitrust suit against Apple

Apple's marketing image showing a 3D icon for the App Store set against a blue gradient background

Apple has been facing more and more pushback over its corporate practices over the last few years now. That includes things like the App Store's associated fees, support for third-party payment options within Apple's digital storefront, and more. Most of that pressure has been coming from international government bodies, like South Korea, but Apple may see similar actions in the United States soon, too.

Apple soft launches a new Platoon for Artists app after acquisition in 2018

Apple is a company that makes a lot of acquisitions on a semi-regular basis. And when the company does pick up another one, there's always the question: what will they do with it? Whether Apple's aiming to add specific talent to its already impressive teams, or its patent related, or even an app or service Apple feels like could bolster its own business, there's always an endgame. But sometimes it takes a little while before that result finally sees the light of day.