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Tech specs for the 16-inch MacBook Pro (late 2021)

Along with the unveiling of the redesigned 14-inch MacBook Pro, Apple also revealed the all-new 16-inch MacBook Pro at its "Unleashed" event on Monday, October 18, 2021. While many of the specifications for the slightly larger laptop are similar to its smaller brethren, there are some noteworthy differences. And, as usual, it all comes down to just how much power you need. And how much you're willing to spend to get it.

Apple is now selling a $19 Polishing Cloth

When it comes to cleaning devices, there is always the (potentially) brief hesitation: are you doing this with the right product? Now, Apple has some support documents out there that are meant to help with that situation. For instance, the company has said in the past that folks should not use cleaners with hydrogen peroxide in them to clean their devices. However, it is okay to use disinfecting wipes to clean an iPhone. So, there are things to avoid and plenty of options you can use. And now there is one more.

Tech specs for the new 14-inch MacBook Pro

On Monday, October 28, 2021, Apple hosted a pretty quick event, unleashing a brand new, redesigned 14-inch MacBook Pro and a few other things, too. Plenty of the rumors regarding the new hardware were spot on, save for a few missed spots. Like the fact the new laptops are only available in Space Gray and silver again, so new color options. Other than that, though, Apple upgraded just about everything else in these laptops, offering up a truly pro-level experience for those in the market for this type of hardware.

Apple has reportedly held internal discussions about launching a cloud gaming service

Technically speaking, after plenty of attention and pressure put on Apple, the company does allow for cloud-based streaming services to be used on its devices. However, it's not via the App Store, and it's not with an app via the App Store. Instead, services like Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google's Stadia, and Amazon's Luna are accessible via Safari. But it sounds like Apple's considered something else for its own service.

Does the MacBook need a touchscreen?

One of the things Apple executives have been pretty consistent about, even as macOS and iOS blur some lines with each new iteration, is the idea that the company is not trying to merge the two platforms. Meaning, a Mac is going to remain a Mac, and the iPad will continue to be whatever iPadOS defines it as. Of course, that could very well change down the road, but, for now, it appears Apple doesn't have any plans to change that.

The best AirPods Max cases you can buy right now

The AirPods Max are a great set of headphones. They have a solid build, outstanding sound quality, and so much more. So of course they are expensive. For that cost, you get all of that — and a pretty flimsy “case,” too. Apple has its reasons for opting for the case that doesn’t do much in the way of protecting the headphones, but, luckily, there are alternatives.

Apple doesn’t appear ready to budge in South Korea regarding required App Store changes

Earlier this year, the South Korean government enacted the Telecommunications Business Act. With it, the legislative body ruled that companies designated as having market dominance must allow for alternative payment options beyond first-party ones. Unsurprisingly, despite Google being a primary focus for the new law, Apple has picked up the majority of attention due to its own rules for the App Store.

Redesigned MacBook Pro models rumored to feature a notch

On Monday, October 18, Apple is going to host its "Unleashed" event. While Apple isn't going out of its way to tell us what they will announce next week right now, the rumor mill has been trying to help with that. Which is why the expectation right now is that we'll see at least two new MacBook Pro models unveiled.