Evan Selleck

Refurbished iPad Air 4 models now available to buy from Apple

The turnaround time on Apple offering refurbished products is typically pretty quick. It's not right away by any means, but usually interested parties don't have to wait too long before they can pick up a refurbished Apple-branded product for a bit less than its newer counterpart. And sometimes the wait is a bit longer.

Here is everything new in iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5

Apple's marketing image showing a bunch of iPhone and iPod touch devices showcasing various iOS 15 features

Apple has already told the world when this year's annual Worldwide Developers Conference will take place, reserving time (as usual) during the first week of June. It's at this event that we'll see the next version of iOS, probably known as iOS 16. But, until we get there, we have at least one more update to iOS 15 -- iOS 15.5.

A new report aims to confirm Apple is testing iPhones with USB-C

A photograph focused on Apple's Lightning to USB-C cable being held in front of the camera, with an iPhone laid on a table blurred out in the background

Apple has been using the Lightning port for so long on its iPhone lineup that it just feels standard at this point. However, that doesn't mean it's not time to move on. With the adoption of USB-C, even by Apple itself at this point, the company's refusal to switch to the port for the smartphone has seemed stubborn at best.

Watch the official trailer for the Apple TV+ family friendly series ‘Lovely Little Farm’ ahead of its June 10 premiere

There are a few different family-friendly shows available to watch on Apple TV+ right now, but the company isn't slowing down. There's the obvious stable of content the streaming service can offer thanks to the Peanuts franchise, for instance. And now, for kids who love to watch talking animals, there's the upcoming Lovely Little Farm, too.