Samsung trolls Apple ahead of the iPhone 14 launch with new video ad

Samsung considers itself one of the primary competitors out there to Apple in the smartphone space. And it certainly is! But that doesn’t mean it’s not shying away from good old-fashioned marketing cheap blows to try and get ahead anyway.

Just take a look at the company’s latest video advertisement for, technically, its newest foldable smartphone, the Z Flip4. And the Galaxy S22 Ultra, of course, which the company launched earlier this year. That handset, despite bowing into the smartphone world earlier in 2022, is still going toe-to-toe with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14, so that’s why Samsung’s including it here.

In the ad, Samsung says this innovation, which is showcased in the video itself, isn’t “coming to an iPhone near you,” and adds that “heads will turn,” but “just not in your direction.” And the company says that the smartphone with the highest resolution camera “will be in someone else’s pocket.” And, for good measure, Samsung points out that its smartphone(s) can take a proper “moonshot,” thanks to that handy zoom.

Finally, Samsung says that this innovation is already here, in its Galaxy-branded smartphones. You can check out the ad above.

The ad is only 30 seconds long, but for some folks it might have a point. Though, the camera debate is still raging to this day and probably won’t end anytime soon. As far as foldable phones go, though, it’s really up to the individual to determine if it’s the right kind of phone for them.

What do you think of Samsung’s latest jab at Apple?