iPhone 14

What do you think of the rumored ‘hole + pill design’ for the iPhone 14 Pro?

Ever since the first iPhone made its grand debut, smartphones have primarily been all about looking at a sheet of glass. It might be hard to remember, or impossible to imagine even in todays' world of foldable phones, but just before Apple unveiled its first phone, the industry had some pretty unique designs out there. And then it all kind of started to look . . . the same.

Apple reportedly delays iPhone with under-display Touch ID until 2023; first foldable iPhone until 2024

The iPhone 14 may adopt a radical new design (compared to the iPhone 13), but that doesn't mean Apple is going to rest on big new things for what comes after that handset. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is still planning on introducing an iPhone with under-display Touch ID. And, what's more, the company's first foldable iPhone is still on the way, too.

Are you waiting for the iPhone 14?

A still image taken from Apple's iPhone 13 Pro introduction video on YouTube, showing a closeup of the three cameras on the back.

It wasn't too long ago that, every other year, we'd get an "S" variant for Apple's iPhone. It was a very, very obvious way to tell the world that this was an "iterative" update. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. Not by any means. But, now, at a glance, it would appear that Apple's moved away from that plan of attack.