Apple introduces iPhone video shopping

Customers in the United States can now shop the iPhone lineup by connecting with an Apple retail team member via video on the official website.

Shopping the iPhone lineup over video using a MacBook
Video shopping is currently limited to the iPhone | Image: Apple
  • What’s happening? On March 14, 2023, Apple announced a new way to shop the iPhone family that lets you interact with a retail specialist on video.
  • Why care? This is an intelligent way to increase sales because would-be shoppers can now pick the right iPhone for them without getting off the couch.
  • What to do? If you live in the US, visit the Buy iPhone page to get started.

Apple launches iPhone video shopping in the US

Apple wants you to consider the yellow iPhone that landed on store shelves today so badly that it launched a new video-shopping feature. With it, you can find the right iPhone and get a better idea of its colorway and design than Apple’s press renderings can ever provide. Video: 5 reasons why we stick with the iPhone

The feature is available starting today to customers in the United States who would buy an iPhone. During the session, an Apple team member will share their screen on camera. But don’t worry, they won’t be able to see you as this is a one-way call.

“If customers find that a session is unavailable or access the page after hours, they can contact a specialist over the phone or via chat 24 hours a day,” Apple notes.

How to use Apple’s Shop with a Specialist over Video service

Shopping the iPhone lineup over video using a MacBook
Shopping the iPhone with an Apple specialist | Image: Apple

You can shop the iPhone lineup, including the new yellow models, by visiting the Buy iPhone page at using your computer, then click a banner advertising the ability to shop with an Apple specialist over video.

Your one-way FaceTime video session will provide expert advice on selecting the best iPhone model. “Once connected, customers can compare features, colors, sizes and find the best deal through the Apple Trade In program or their carrier,” according to the announcement in the Apple Newsroom.

And with picture-in-picture, you can watch the video while browsing the iPhone lineup in Safari. The service, dubbed “Shop with a Specialist over Video,” is available to customers in the United States from 7am to 7pm PT daily.