Apple Stores

Apple is giving retail employees up to $1,000 in a bonus this fall

The iPhone 13 lineup is about to launch to the public, which means that retail store employees at Apple's physical shops are going to be very busy (which is not necessarily a new occurrence by any means). But, in addition to that, the holiday shopping season is also right around the corner. As a result, Apple's decided to shell out some more money.

Apple ramping up COVID-19 testing for employees; reverses course on planned return of in-person Today at Apple sessions

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is forcing a lot of changes, especially as the Delta variant spreads. While there was a point where it seemed like things might be going back to "normal," that's not so much the case anymore. It was just yesterday that Apple planned to welcome back in-person "Today at Apple" sessions at its physical retail stores in the United States and Europe, but it turns out that won't be happening after all.