Apple is dropping the mask mandate for corporate and retail employees

The global landscape continues to evolve as individuals, groups, and entire corporations continue to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Apple is certainly no different. And today, there are some big changes for not only its retail sites, but also corporate employees.

As first reported on Thursday by Bloomberg, Apple is dropping the mask mandate for vaccinated corporate and retail employees. Specifically, beginning today, the mask mandate for vaccinated corporate employees is being lifted. And then, beginning on Friday (March 04, 2022), Apple is lifting the mask mandate for retail employees as well.

Per the original report:

Apple Inc. will begin to drop its mask requirement for both corporate and retail employees in the U.S. as Covid-19 cases decline and local governments loosen restrictions.

The company told staff that masks for vaccinated corporate employees are now optional at offices in regions where local indoor-mask mandates have been eliminated. It also told retail staff at a small number of locations that masks for employees will become optional on Friday.

In the grand scheme of things, this wasn’t a quick development by any means. Apple has been working towards this goal for quite some time. And, at least for the customer, the company has gone back-and-forth with lifting and reinstating mask mandates over the last long stretch of time. Back in February, Apple lifted the mask mandate for customers in its retail stores in the United States.

However, it was only just recently that it was reported Apple was looking to lift the mask mandate for its retail employees.

Meanwhile, in related news, Apple announced earlier today that it is finally welcoming back in-person and in-store Today at Apple sessions. These in-person events will kick off once again, after first shutting down at the start of the pandemic, on Monday, March 07, 2022.

So, good news all around. Fingers crossed it stays like this.