Apple shifts to more Covid testing for vaccinated staff as it looks to drop mask mandates for employees

The majority of news circulating regarding Apple Stores these days revolves around the customer experience. And masks. Whether that means having to wear them or not. But today’s news is about the employees staffing the physical retail spots.

According to a report today from Bloomberg, Apple is looking to ramp up testing for COVID-19 with vaccinated staff. The ultimate goal is to, eventually, drop the mask mandate for its retail employees. The report indicates that Apple is going to shift to testing vaccinated employees twice a week.

Previously, Apple has been testing once per week.

Interestingly, the shift includes some additional changes. In the official announcement from Apple, which was sent out to retail employees on Tuesday, the company says that retail employees will need to self-test twice a week. However, the results for those tests do not need to be submitted or verified.

Per the report:

Based on what we’ve learned from our testing pilot, everyone will now be required to self-test twice per week, regardless of vaccination status,’ the company said in the memo. ‘In addition, if you were submitting your test results for verification, you’re no longer required to do so.

Change is on the horizon, but Apple is still evaluating where things go next. The company is reportedly looking to ease, and then, ultimately, remove the mask mandate that is still in place for retail employees. As of right now, though, Apple is still of the mind that “team members should continue to wear a face mask in store.” There is, at this point, no word when that will change.

Apple continues to shift its protocols regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As far as customers are concerned, Apple has just recently started to lift the mask mandate at many of its stores in the United States.