iOS 15.1 supports storing COVID-19 vaccination cards in the Wallet app

Earlier today, Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 15.1 to developers. And, as is typical, Apple is making some changes and improvements to the software. The pre-release version of the next update to the mobile operating system adds one definitely noteworthy feature to the mix. Storing vaccination cards for COVID-19 right on the device.

Apple is asking employees in the United States to declare Covid vaccination status

Apple continues to tweak its formula when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, especially as it relates to its physical retail stores, corporate headquarters, and employees. However, the company also continues to avoid doing one thing in particular, even as many people out there in the wild suggest it should. And that would be make an actual mandate for vaccinations against COVID-19.

Apple ramping up COVID-19 testing for employees; reverses course on planned return of in-person Today at Apple sessions

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is forcing a lot of changes, especially as the Delta variant spreads. While there was a point where it seemed like things might be going back to "normal," that's not so much the case anymore. It was just yesterday that Apple planned to welcome back in-person "Today at Apple" sessions at its physical retail stores in the United States and Europe, but it turns out that won't be happening after all.