Apple delays return to office for employees again, doesn’t set a new date

In light of an ever-changing situation regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Apple has decided to make another big change. This one doesn’t revolve around physical retail stores, though. Instead, Apple has opted to keep employees from returning to in-person work for a bit longer.

A still image from Apple's September 2021 “California Streaming” event video with CEO Tim Cook standing on stage in front of a huge keynote slide behind him that displays an aerial view of the Apple Park headquarters while Cook is talking enthusiastically and gesturing with his hands

Or a lot longer, depending.

Bloomberg has the report today, detailing how Apple has once again delayed the return of workers. The last time the company did this was in August of this year, saying that Apple employees wouldn’t need to come back to corporate offices until January of 2022. However, that will no longer be the case according to this latest report.

As of now, Apple has indefinitely delayed the return to in-person office work. Which means that, at the time of publication, the company has not determined when it will inform employees when they’ll need to make their big return to corporate offices. However, the company confirmed that when it does determine a date, it will give those employees a month’s notice ahead of that date.

In addition to that bit of news, the publication states that Apple is offering those same employees a $1,000 bonus to spend on home office supplies.

Apple wasn’t as aggressive as some companies in the goal to return to in-person work, but it wasn’t the most relaxed, either. The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, has said that Apple is an in-person company, that it’s part of the soul of the business, and that’s the goal. However, understanding the realities of the situation the company has flexed a hybrid office/in-home work plan. That was initially supposed to start in June of this year, which would see employees return to the office three out of the five-day work week.

Apple has been pushing that date back as the pandemic continues. And now there’s no word on when that will actually happen, or how the hybrid work scenario might change as a result.