Apple continues to close retail stores, including all of them in NYC, in light of the ongoing pandemic

As Apple continues to keep an eye on the evolving situation that is the coronavirus pandemic, things keep changing. And while the company has already reinstated the mask mandate for its stores that remain open, Apple has also decided to take more drastic action at other locations. Including shutting doors again.

We’ve seen Apple Stores close, reopen, and even close down again in light of recent COVID-19 infection spikes. And now that trend continues as Apple makes moves to try and stem those infection rates, at least in one way. As first reported recently by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple has opted to close its retail stores across New York City due to the influx of infections.

But the stores aren’t closed completely. While walk-in shoppers will be asked to shop online for their purchase, and there are no Genius Bar appointments being set at these locations right now, the doors will open for folks with online order pick-ups that need to be fulfilled.

In the past, these store closures have been temporary. And that will remain the case here. However, there is no word on when the stores will reopen for normal business hours/shopping.

In a separate report, MacRumors has tallied that Apple has closed more than 20 retail stores just today in light of COVID-19 infection surges. In most of these cases, Apple’s website is already showing that the store closures will change this week, even with modified hours.

All of this follows Apple closing a handful of stores just last week, most in the United States but in Canada as well.