Apple has once again ended its mask mandate at many of its retail stores, sets sights on in-person events

Apple has been forced to make several different changes to its in-store operations with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It’s gone as far as closing many retail stores across the globe at one time or another. But, most recently, it’s had a stronger focus on mask mandates while visiting its retail locations.

In July of 2021, for instance, the company rolled out a retail store-wide policy for folks in the United States visiting a shop that they had to wear a mask while inside. This, of course, paired with the masks that retail employees already had to wear. By the time November rolled around, though, the company was rolling back that mandate for customers.

An even faster turnaround happened in December of last year, though, when Apple opted to bring back the mask mandate for all of its retail stores in the United States.

And now, according to Bloomberg, we’re back at it again. Apple has dropped the mask mandate at many retail stores across the U.S., and, going further, is already setting its sights on in-person events, including classes. Following an overall reduction in COVID-19 cases, and following local guidelines for states, Apple has decided it’s okay, for now, to remove the mask mandate for customers visiting its retail stores.

If you are planning to visit an Apple Store and want to know if a mask mandate is present, you can visit the local store’s website to find out more. Employees have been briefed on the change as well. As it stands, Apple employees working in the retail stores are still required to wear the masks. And customers are still encouraged to do the same, even if it isn’t a requirement (at the moment).

As mentioned above, this is based on following local guidelines. So, in some states where there are still strict mask rules in place, including Oregon, Illinois, some places in California, the state of Washington, retail stores will still require customers wear masks while visiting.

Again, if you want to know in advance, check out the store’s online page before you visit.