How to view which app is using your camera or microphone on iPhone and iPad

Camera Recently Used in iPad Control Center

The iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates brought some enhancements to privacy and security. Things like Photos library limits and password monitoring are nice improvements. A couple more changes in this category will help you when using your camera or microphone.

If you’re currently using your camera or microphone for an app, you’ll see an indicator at the top of your screen. In addition, you can see which app is using that tool currently along with which app used it last. These are helpful additions to the security features on your device, so we want to show you how to use them.

View the recording indicator

If you are using an app that is accessing your camera, you’ll see a green dot on the top right of your screen. And for apps using your microphone, that dot will be orange.

Camera Microphone Recording Indicators on iPad

So if you see one of these indicators on your screen and don’t believe you’re currently recording with your camera or microphone, this lets you know that you actually are and can take action.

View the apps using your camera or microphone

If you’re not sure which app is using your camera or microphone, it’s easier to find out than you think. You don’t have to cycle through all of your open apps, just open your Control Center instead.

At the top of your Control Center, you’ll see which app is currently using your camera or microphone. Like the recording indicators, the camera icon will display in green and the microphone icon will be orange. Next to that indicator, you’ll see which app is currently using it.

Camera Microphone Current on iPad

If you close an app that was using your camera or microphone, you can see this too. Open your Control Center and at the top you’ll see the icon for the camera or microphone and which app was using it most recently.

Camera Microphone Recent on iPad

Wrapping it up

If you’ve ever been concerned about privacy in the sense that you thought you were being recorded with an app on your device, these features should help. You can immediately see if your camera or microphone is recording you and which app is the culprit.

What do you think about the new privacy features on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14? If there one in particular you’re glad to see, let us know! You can comment below or hit us up on Twitter.

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