Colorize iOS 14’s Status Bar-based camera and microphone indicators with IndiColor

New in iOS 14 are colorful Status Bar-based dot indicators that alert you to when your handset’s camera or microphone are being used – a commendable feature with respect to privacy.

By default, the camera indicator dot appears green, while the microphone indicator dot appears a light orange. Unfortunately, there’s no way to change these colors on a stock device.

What are the green and orange dots in my iPhone and iPad status bar?

Green Dot for Camera on iPhone

If you’ve suddenly seen a green or orange dot in the status bar of your iPhone or iPad, you’ve probably wondered what it means. You might not have been worried enough to do a Google search, but here you are visiting iDownloadBlog, spotted this article, and figure now’s the time to find out.

We’ve actually covered these colored dots already. The thing is, we explained them based on a new feature in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, not on the dots themselves. So here you go, here’s what the green and orange dots in your status bar mean.

How to view which app is using your camera or microphone on iPhone and iPad

Camera Recently Used in iPad Control Center

The iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates brought some enhancements to privacy and security. Things like Photos library limits and password monitoring are nice improvements. A couple more changes in this category will help you when using your camera or microphone.

If you’re currently using your camera or microphone for an app, you’ll see an indicator at the top of your screen. In addition, you can see which app is using that tool currently along with which app used it last. These are helpful additions to the security features on your device, so we want to show you how to use them.

Quorra brings iOS 14’s privacy indicator dots to jailbroken iOS 13 devices

When iOS & iPadOS 14 are released this Fall, the software updates will introduce a bevy of useful new features to the iPhone and iPad platforms. Perhaps one of the most intriguing features that seemed to slip under the radar are the new privacy-centric indicator dots that appear the top of the display when an app or service begins accessing your handset’s camera, location, or microphone.

This particular feature was so highly sought after that even the Android community quickly developed a way to port this feature to their handsets. Unfortunately for those running iOS & iPadOS 13 or earlier, a similar solution wasn’t available – at least not until now, thanks to a new and free jailbreak tweak release dubbed Quorra by iOS developer Lightmann.

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Apple’s no longer providing free speaker repair to iPhone 7 users

A few months ago, Apple ostensibly acknowledged that some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus units were experiencing issues with the built-in microphone. As such, an internal memo showed that Apple was willing to fix those handsets free of charge, even when they were out of warranty. Unfortunately, it now looks like Cupertino is no longer offering that exemption.