NetFence is an effective outgoing firewall for jailbroken iPhones & iPads

Most people view the internet as a powerful tool for accessing information in an instant, but advertising companies see it in just the same way — often utilizing the very internet connection you depend on for said information to track your every move and report back with personally identifiable statistics.

A firewall can help preserve your anonymity and privacy over the internet by giving you the distinct choice to allow or deny these connection requests. That’s just one reason why a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed NetFence by iOS developer FoxfortMobile might be of interest to you.

Apple’s first iCloud data center in mainland China goes online

Apple's first iCloud data center in mainland China, built in co-operation with a state-owned company, has now officially gone online following more than two years of preparations.


Apple's first iCloud data center in mainland China is now operational. Chinese users' iCloud data is operated by GCBD, a state-owned company. A recent NYT report cast a spotlight on Apple’s iCloud “hard bargain“ in China.