iOS 15 adds improved Face ID anti-spoofing models, along with other security fixes

Apple promotes Face ID in new 'Nap' ad

While Apple does a solid enough job of detailing most of the new features baked into software updates, there are typically some elements that miss the big unveilings (or even the press releases soon after). And some aren't necessarily meant to see the bright lights of a stage at all. Instead, they are buried within documentation. But that doesn't make them any less important.

Install iOS 14.8 and other Apple updates asap to protect against zero-click Messages attacks

The latest round of Apple software updates brings fixes for vulnerabilities making possible recent zero-click attacks that bypassed Apple's BlastDoor security in Messages. iOS 14.8 includes security fixes for two bugs that have been actively exploited in the wild. Do yourself a big favor and install the latest updates to close this particularly dangerous attack vector.

Individual charged with breaking into thousands of iCloud accounts to try and find explicit photos of women

iCloud Login Screen Web

Apple bills iCloud as a safe place to store a user's digital footprint, from documents to files to just about everything else that can be stored in the cloud. However, some folks out there in the wild will do just about anything to find personal, revealing photos of others. Like one man who has apparently broken into thousands of iCloud accounts on the hunt for explicit photos.

Apple offers another look at the security and privacy baked into CSAM photo scanning

Earlier this month, Apple revealed new features baked into most of its major operating systems. Each of them, of which there are three, are designed to help protect children against sexual abuse and exploitation. And while these are hailed as good things, on a grand scale, it's the finer details in regards to one of the features in particular that has many people concerned.