Notice more battery drain while using a VPN? Here’s why…

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) adds a middleman between you and the end server in an internet connection, acting as a relay that helps enhance your privacy. It does this by cloaking your real location, and in many cases, encrypting your internet traffic to prevent snoopers from seeing what you’re doing as you browse the web.

How to lock your Facebook profile from the app or a computer

How to Lock Facebook profile

Almost the entire online world is on Facebook, and if you want some privacy, you can lock your profile. It takes just a few clicks and is the quickest way to protect your photos and posts.

In this tutorial, we will show you what happens when you lock your Facebook profile and how to do it from iPhone, the Android Facebook app, or on a computer.

How to see, delete, and turn off your location history on iPhone

See your Location History on iPhone and manage it

Wondering about the places where you were recently? It can be for personal reasons to help you recall the places you visited. Or, if you have to prove someone for legal reasons or otherwise, you can use the past location history of your iPhone to establish your presence at that location.

Here are two ways to find your location history on iPhone using Apple's Significant Locations and Google Maps. We also go over the steps to delete the saved location history and how to turn it off.