Let’s Talk iOS

Downtime podcast: New name, same us

Sebastien and Cody officially announce the rebranding of the podcast to Downtime, and explain how the change came about. They also get in their regular tech discussions with headlines involving Apple earnings, GameStop fever and more.

Let’s Talk iOS podcast #380: The screen queen

Let's Talk iOS propped up

Cody and Sebastien dive into the recent MacBook rumors and talk about everything from SD card slots to built-in cellular chips. The pair also discuss Sebastien’s recent Apple TV problems and Cody’s love for bigger displays. Finally, they both wonder how much Cody should charge for his OnlyFans account.

Let’s Talk iOS 378: Alive and well

Sebastien and Cody discuss the upcoming changes to the podcast, the latest rumors on Apple’s AR glasses, and the ongoing chatter surrounding Project Titan. The hosts also settle the score on their recent Spotify bets and talk about the potential impact of Tile beating Apple to the punch with ultra wideband trackers.

Changes are coming to the Let’s Talk iOS podcast and we want to hear from you

First of all I want to say happy New Year everyone, and thank you so much to those who continue to listen to our weekly podcast. We recently surpassed 370 episodes, and we just wouldn’t be able to do that without your support. That being said, after 7+ years of doing this every week, Sebastien and I felt it was time to switch things up.

Now don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. But we have been discussing some ideas for a refresh, and at this point in the process we felt it was time to share some of those thoughts with you, and hopefully get some feedback.

Let’s Talk iOS 375: Podcast Sesh

Sebastien and Cody prepare for the holidays by talking, Fitness+ first impressions, and the products and services (Instagram clone!) they’d like to see from Apple in 2021. The pair also discusses HomePod mini troubles, AirPods tips, and their favorite TV shows of late.