Let’s Talk iOS

Let’s Talk iOS 290: Walk it off!

This week Sebastien answers an existential question about pedometer apps. Cody runs down the numbers to show Apple is still a hugely profitable company. The two go on a tangent about Lock screen widgets and talk about the massive bomb Gurman dropped about iOS 13, watchOS 6, and more. It’s a fun one, you guys!

Let’s Talk iOS 287: Keep your eyes on this

How does Disney+ compare to Netflix in terms of pricing and content, and maybe more importantly, how does it compare to the upcoming Apple TV+ service? Also, strong signs are pointing in the direction of a dismantling of iTunes. What does that mean for casual and advanced users alike? Listen in for potential answers.

Let’s Talk iOS 282: ‘Time to spend’ alert

If AR is the next big frontier for Apple, Sebastien is not quite convinced he’s seen compelling use cases for this new technology yet. The two also talk about the rumors of an Apple credit card, and what this could mean for the company. Finally, Cody and Sebastien revisit their HomePod usage after a year.