Downtime podcast: New name, same us

Sebastien and Cody officially announce the rebranding of the podcast to Downtime, and explain how the change came about. They also get in their regular tech discussions with headlines involving Apple earnings, GameStop fever and more.

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iPhone 13 could double the storage, with a new 1TB tier limited to Pro models

How to automate Apple Watch face changes based on time or location

Apple reports Q1 2021 revenue of $111.4 billion


Bybymax77 on Twitter asks:

  • Living in France, but speaking English, I don’t get why Apple does not make it possible to grant me access to services I’d be happy to pay for. Too many services are US only, and for an international company, I find it a little disrespectful. What’s your take on that ?
  • When I ask my HomePod to play music, it launches my Apple TV. Any idea why?

What we’ve been watching:

  • The little things on HBO Max
  • Homeland seasons 6-8 on Hulu
  • 30 minutes or less on Netflix

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