iPhone 13 could double the storage, with a new 1TB tier limited to Pro models

One of the top Apple prognosticators is suggesting that the two Pro models of this year’s upcoming iPhone 13 lineup might double maximum storage from 512 gigabytes to a whopping one terabyte. The only other iOS device that offers a 1TB model is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

In the recent episode of his “Front Page Tech” show on YouTube, tipster Jon Prosser claims that Apple is currently producing various iPhone 12 prototypes ahead of mass production in the summer. Although “not much is actually final,” he said, some of the prototypes “do feature a terabyte of storage”. This appears to be true for Pro models, however.

More storage for you

Here’s how maximum iPhone storage has increased in the past few years:

  • 2015: iPhone 6s with up to 128GB of storage
  • 2016: iPhone 7 with up to 256GB of storage
  • 2018: iPhone XS with up to 512GB of storage
  • 2019: iPhone 11 with up to 512GB of storage
  • 2020: iPhone 12 with up to 512GB of storage

And now, the iPhone 13 should give us up to 1TB of smartphone storage in 2021!

Prosser has learned about this from his own deeply-entrenched Apple sources. For some context, the same tipster correctly called for a 1TB iPhone 13 in an October 2020 tweet.

Prosser goes on to mention in the video that previous reports of a smaller notch coming this year are true, based on a CAD file for the iPhone 13 that he’s reportedly seen. “The notch for this prototype actually appears to be shorter, not narrower,” according to the video.

He was right about the iPhone 12 storage

Prosser is a prolific tipster who has managed to correctly predict many Apple products ahead of their release. In terms of iPhones doubling the storage capacity, this isn’t the first time Prosser has made such a claim. Back in May 2019, and that was five months before the iPhone 12 would get officially announced, Prosser similarly claimed that the lower-end 5.4 and 6.1-inch models of the iPhone 12 would be available in 64/12/256GB storage flavors.

He also said that the higher-end 6.1 and 6.7-inch models would be offered in the 128/256/512 GB varieties. And that’s exactly what we have now! Given Prosser’s impressive track record (though not perfect) and the fact that he’s correctly predicted the iPhone 12 storage, we believe him when he says that Pro models of the next iPhone will double the storage to 1TB.

What’s coming with iPhone 13?

Aside from doubling maximum storage, the next iPhone is understood to have less screen cutout because a shorter notch is apparently coming! Other planned improvements appear to revolve around the cameras, with sensor-shift camera stabilization coming to the entire lineup and significant improvements for the ultra-wide camera.

The iPhone 13 should also adopt Wi-Fi 6E, run Apple’s A15 chip and add a ProMotion 120Hz display. Finally, the device is said to bring mmWave 5G to more international markets.

All iPhone 13 models—and there should be four phones with the same screen sizes as the iPhone 12—should be available by September of this year without any production or supply delays. That’s according to Ming-Chi Kuo, and he is the world’s most reliable Apple analyst. So, here’s hoping things will get back to normal this year, at least in terms of the iPhone.