Apple may expand sensor-shift camera stabilization to the full iPhone 13 lineup

The iPhone 12 lineup made some big changes for Apple’s smartphones. But, as usual, Apple had to pick and choose where some features ended up. Which meant some phones didn’t get all the features the company may have wanted. The iPhone 13 lineup may change that.

According to an upcoming report fromĀ DigiTimes, which is currently locked ahead of full publication, Apple is aiming to bring one of its coolest features to all of its future iPhones this year. Of course, nothing is official quite yet. Apple hasn’t announced the iPhone 13 lineup (that’s expected to happen later this year). And plans can change.

As for the feature itself? The report indicates that Apple will bring its sensor-shift camera stabilization to the full iPhone 13 lineup in 2021. That compares favorably to the fact that the feature is only available in one iPhone 12 variant from last year, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. In fact, Apple used the sensor-shift camera stabilization feature as a primary selling point for its largest iPhone in 2020.

So it will be interesting to see what new features Apple is bringing to the table this year to help do the same, especially if it plans on dispersing the 2020 lineup’s features more favorably across models.

Sensor-shift camera stabilization works exactly how it’s described, by stabilizing the sensor itself and not the lens. The results are even more stable photos and a video, as well as overall improved photography. Apple introduced the feature with the Wide lens in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so a safe bet is that it would remain with that camera in the iPhone 13 lineup, too. However, it’s also possible Apple expands the support for the other cameras in its future iPhones.

The iPhone 13 may be a minor update in the grand scheme of things, but Apple will surely come up with some reason(s) for potential buyers to take the plunge. We’ll just have to wait until later this year to find out what that entails.

If you have an iPhone 12 Pro Max, how are you liking the sensor-shift camera stabilization feature in your iPhone?