iPhone 13

iPhone 13 lineup again rumored to bring noteworthy upgrade to battery capacities

A gold iPhone 12 Pro Max laid face down on a wooden table

The iPhone 12 lineup isn't necessarily a slouch when it comes to battery capacity, or life. Still, there's some room for improvement. The iPhone 13 series may do just that.

According to reliable leaker L0vetodream, who posted a photo with some information on Twitter recently, Apple is going to give a significant uptick in battery capacity to its next iPhone lineup. At its peak, the biggest increase will see up to 18% improvement to capacity for the larger iPhone. Meanwhile, even the smallest smartphone is reportedly getting bigger.

The iPhone 13 lineup is once again expected to feature sensor-shift camera stabilization

It's felt pretty quiet out of the rumor mill regarding the upcoming iPhone refresh, and today's latest news regarding the camera system in the upcoming lineup doesn't really change that.

That's because this latest rumor is just the same rumor we've heard in the past. It's regarding the standout sensor-shift camera stabilization feature that Apple introduced with the iPhone 12 Pro Max late last year. It's easily one of the best camera-focused features in the iPhone 12 lineup, but it's reserved for the largest --and most expensive-- model. But that may be changing this year.