Casetify’s Amazon Prime Day deal shaves 30% off of its best-selling iPhone cases

Casetify’s Amazon Prime Day deals are in full swing, offering 30% off of the company’s best-selling, highly protective, clear iPhone cases.

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Casetify Amazon Prime Day deals are in full swing

Different designs of Casetify's iPhone cases

Amazon’s fall 2023 Prime Day officially started October 11, and will last through Wednesday, October 12. Prime Day sales bring exclusive deals and discounts for Prime subscribers. Read: How to hide Amazon orders from your purchase history

Now, our friends over at Casetify have taken 20% off of the Essential case for the iPhone 14 series and 30% off of its best-sellers for older iPhones.

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Casetify makes some of the most protective iPhone cases on the market, offering rich personalization with countless ready-made designs or your custom ones!

Feel free to visit Casetify’s deals page on Amazon.

20% off of Casetify’s Essential case for iPhone 14

Casetify's Essential clear case for iPhone 14

For the fall 2023 Amazon Prime Day, Casetify has shaved 20 percent off of its Amazon-exclusive Essential case for the iPhone 14 series

30% off of Casetify clear cases for iPhone 11, 12 and 13

Rear side of Casetify's MagSafe cases for iPhone
MagSafe and non-MagSafe cases from Casetify

If you don’t have an iPhone 14 or don’t plan on getting one, don’t worry—Casetify offers more iPhone cases than you could possibly wish for.

For the fall 2023 Amazon Prime Day, Casetify has taken 30 percent off of its best-selling Impact and Ultra cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. If you’re looking for a premium case with a little more character, the Impact line is military-grade drop-tested and compatible with MagSafe.

The Impact and Ultra Impact cases now offer 20 percent more protection thanks to bumpers on corners and Casetify’s plant-based EcoShock material that turns the kinetic energy of an impact into heat. A raised front bezel protects the screen and a camera ring on the back does the same for the rear camera lenses.

The Impact and Impact Ultra cases come in MagSafe and non-MagSafe options and are fully compatible with Qi-based wireless chargers.

Check out Casetify’s Bounce case for iPhone 14

Casetify's iPhone 14 Pro protective cases in five colors

Casetify recently unveiled its shock-absorbing Bounce case for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series designed to survive the highest drop heights.

If you’re the type of person who desires the utmost protection for their shiny iPhone, the Bounce case will protect your iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro from drops as high as 21.3ft, or 6.5 meters, achieving 6x the requirement for military-grade approval.

A slightly raised bezel protects the display from edge damage. A protective ring on the back shields sapphire-covered lenses from scratches. The Bounce case is light enough to stay on the phone when charging via MagSafe or any Qi wireless charger.

Personalization and custom designs

Casetify offers cases with more than 2,000 eye-catching designs, including ones from top franchises such as One Piece, Sailor Moon and Harry Potter. Can’t seem to find the right look that suits your tastes? Don’t worry about a thing, Casetify is a rare company that lets you upload a custom graphic for the case.

To do that, you’ll need to shop for your iPhone case via the Casetify web store.