This deal knocks Amazon’s best 4K streaming stick down to just $35

There are a ton of streaming devices out there that will allow you to access your favorite movies, shows, and other media. They come in different shapes, at different price points, and they all offer different features. But if you're looking for something that will stream 4K content to your television, supports the newest technologies like Dolby Atmos and Wi-Fi 6, and costs less than $40, there is only one option: the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max, which is on sale right now for just $35.

The best tech deals from Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale

Rejoice savvy shoppers! In an effort to counteract the pre-holiday lull, Amazon has launched what it is calling the Prime Early Access Sale. At first glance you might think it's just a marketing gimmick, but after doing a little digging we've actually found some noteworthy deals on Apple devices and other tech products. Check out our full roundup below.

How to hide an Amazon order from your purchase history

Two Amazon boxes kept together

Amazon keeps track of all your orders and lists them on the Your Orders history page. From here, you can reference your purchases, return items, leave feedback, and more.

However, there are situations when you might want to hide some orders from this area. For example, you may not want your spouse to see the gift you have ordered for them. Or you may like to prevent sensitive purchases from coming to people's attention with whom you have shared your Amazon account details, like your spouse, kids, or siblings.

If you're in a situation where you need to make a purchased item disappear from your order history, here's how to hide or archive an order on Amazon.

Amazon Prime Video is getting a major redesign

Some companies take a more aggressive approach to redesigns, offering up new looks to their software (or hardware!) on a speedy basis. Some, though, take a much slower approach and don't refresh anything for years. But sometimes things just need a sprucing, and Amazon Prime Video definitely falls into that category.

Here are some of our favorite Prime Day deals

That's right, the iDB deals team is back for Prime Day! Below you'll find a roundup of great products we think you'll actually want to buy, at prices you don't normally see throughout the year. So sit back, relax, and let the discounts roll.

Sonos may launch its own voice assistant in the near future

When it comes to speakers and other audio equipment, Sonos is one of the more beloved out there. And despite not having its own voice assistant on board its range of smart speakers, they are still some of the most sought-after options out there. But for fans of the speakers, it looks like Sonos is ready to jump into the voice assistant market in the very near future.

Kanye West won’t be launching ‘Donda 2’ on Apple Music or Spotify, opting for his own platform

Kanye West, who officially goes by the title "Ye" these days, has opted to make getting his next album, "Donda 2," just a bit more difficult to get than most any other album released digitally. Specifically, the artist has announced that he will not be launching the next album on platforms like Apple Music or Spotify, instead opting for a proprietary route.