Survey shows a lot of users trust Amazon and Google more than Apple with their personal data

One of the key, tentpole features for Apple across its services, operating systems, and products is user privacy. They shout about it from the rooftops when given the opportunity. And it's been like that for years. It's a lot of the reason so many people have adopted Apple's ecosystem into their lives. And yet, a new survey shows a lot of people out there still trust other companies more in this regard.

Amazon launches the official Prime Video app for Mac

There are a lot of services out there to choose from if you want to watch something. Apple is just one of many. However, if you're someone who simply prefers to use an official app rather than a website, those options actually get a bit more limited. Luckily for Amazon Prime Video fans out there, who also prefer an app, the wait is over.

How to listen, delete, and ask Amazon not to save your Alexa voice recordings

Amazon Echo with a red delete icon on top

Echo is a series of smart voice assistant devices by Amazon. You can review and listen to voice commands given to Alexa on your Amazon Echo, inside the Alexa app, and any other device with Alexa built in. From here, you can delete the voice recordings individually or in bulk. The settings also allow you to stop saving your Echo recordings. Finally, you can even ask Amazon to no longer use your Alexa voice recordings for evaluation and training purposes. This'll ensure no human hired by Amazon listens to them. In this guide, we show you how to do all these using the Alexa app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Amazon website in a browser on Mac or PC.

Apple has reportedly held internal discussions about launching a cloud gaming service

Technically speaking, after plenty of attention and pressure put on Apple, the company does allow for cloud-based streaming services to be used on its devices. However, it's not via the App Store, and it's not with an app via the App Store. Instead, services like Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google's Stadia, and Amazon's Luna are accessible via Safari. But it sounds like Apple's considered something else for its own service.

Amazon got Apple to pull the Fakespot iOS app from the App Store

Apple has rules and regulations in place for all sorts of things, but especially for the App Store. Developers must follow those rules if they want to keep their app(s) in the digital storefront. Sometimes those apps only get discovered for bypassing the rules, either in big ways or small, only after the app's been available for some time. (The App Store review process doesn't always catch the offenders.)

Amazon may be building a smartwatch for kids with Alexa built in

Technically speaking, there are some smartwatch alternatives out there other than the Apple Watch. Google has its own software for the wearables. But it's safe to say that Apple's device leads the charge in this category. Now, years into the smartwatch's dominance, some new competitors appear to be ready to join the fray.

Andy Jassy will become Amazon’s CEO beginning July 5

A lot has happened since February of this year, so it's understandable if the fact that Amazon is getting a new CEO slipped the mind. But, it's happening! And now there's an official transition date.

Today, Amazon confirmed during a call to shareholders that Amazon will commit to the transition of a new Chief Executive Officer as of July 5, 2021. That means that Andy Jassy will be picking up the new role on that date. Amazon confirmed all of this would be happening back in February of this year.