How to hide an Amazon order from your purchase history

Amazon keeps track of all your orders and lists them on theĀ Your Orders history page. From here, you can reference your purchases, return items, leave feedback, and more.

However, there are situations when you might want to hide some orders from this area. For example, you may not want your spouse to see the gift you have ordered for them. Or you may like to prevent sensitive purchases from coming to people’s attention with whom you have shared your Amazon account details, like your spouse, kids, or siblings.

If you’re in a situation where you need to make a purchased item disappear from your order history, here’s how to hide or archive an order on Amazon.

Two Amazon boxes kept together
Image: Anirudh for Unsplash

Hide your Amazon order from your account

1) Log in to your Amazon account in a web browser and go to the orders page. On a computer, you can do that by clicking your name from the top right and selecting Your Orders.

Access your orders on Amazon

2) Find the order you wish to hide and click Archive order.

Archive order on Amazon

3) Confirm by clicking the Archive order button.

Confirm to hide order on Amazon

This particular order is now hidden from your Amazon order history. Anyone with access to your Amazon account can’t easily see this unless they know where to find archived orders.

View archived orders

To see your Amazon archived orders, go to your Accounts page and click Archived Orders. If you don’t see archived orders here, click the dropdown menu on your orders page and choose Archived Orders.

See your Amazon Archived Orders

From here, you can unarchive your order if you so desire.

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