How to delete your Google Maps history on iPhone and the web

Google Maps Activity on the Web on a MacBook

Just like you remove your history in Apple Maps, you can delete your search, review, and share history in Google Maps. Maybe you want to keep some items from showing up in your Recent searches or forget an entire day of Google Maps activity.

You can view and remove places from your history on your mobile device or the web. And you can choose to delete individual locations, a day or week, or every place in that history. Here, we’ll show you how to do just that, delete your Google Maps history.

How to find your apps and games billing history with prices on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Purchase History with Prices on iPhone

Being able to view your purchase history for apps and games is useful. You may have removed an item that you want back. For that, you can easily redownload apps on iOS and Mac.

But maybe you didn’t remove an app, maybe you just want to know how much you paid for it. The prices of many apps change over time. So viewing its current price doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you paid for it.

For whatever reason you have, you can see the price you paid for an app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And you can go back years if you need to. Here’s how to find the billing history with prices on your device.

macOS Big Sur: How to view your battery usage history

Mac Big Sur Battery Usage History

If you take an interest in the battery usage on your Mac, then you’ll like the feature we’re about to talk about here. You can view your battery usage and the history of that usage for up to 10 days on your Mac notebook computer running Big Sur or later.

Why is this worth checking out? Well, for a variety of reasons. Here are just a couple. First, you can see patterns in how your battery discharges with full on-screen usage compared to sitting idle. Second, you can compare how quickly your battery recharges when connected to the power adapter versus a portable charger.

Things like this can help you see how much energy your Mac uses, how fast your battery discharges, and help you prepare to grab your portable charger if necessary. And of course, some people just find these things interesting! Here’s how to view your battery usage history on Mac.

New to iPhone? How to delete your iPhone call history

iPhone Cleared All Recents History

If you’re new to iPhone, you might still be getting used to the ins and outs of it and its features. In the meantime, you’re taking and making phone calls that fill up your history. If you’d like to delete your iPhone call history, we’ll show you how to remove all calls or just certain ones.

How to export your Amazon order history to a spreadsheet

Amazon Order History Report in Spreadsheet

If you buy products on Amazon, you’re among many. And there may be a time when you need to not only see all of your purchases for a time period but hold onto a record of them. You might need to show expenses for business supplies or just want to keep track of your Amazon spending.

Whatever your reason may be, Amazon makes it pretty easy to export your purchases to a spreadsheet that you can save or share and here’s how.

This tweak improves the timestamps in your iPhone’s call log history

The Recents tab found in the iPhone’s native Phone app is meant to display a running history of your incoming and outgoing phone call activity, making it easier for you to call someone back or reference a phone number if you ever needed to. Sadly, the timestamps for older phone calls tend to become less descriptive over time, showing only the date and not the timeframe.

Thankfully, a new free jailbreak tweak called ExactTimePhone by iOS developer gilshahar7 can fix this problem. As shown in the before and after screenshot examples above, this tweak makes even your oldest phone history items show a timestamp in addition to the date that it transpired.

How to download and view your entire Twitter history

View web archive of tweets

Did you know that Twitter has a feature that lets you get a copy of your entire tweet history? Available as an offline archive, it lets you see all your tweets in a nicely formatted HTML file viewable directly from your browser, or a CSV file.

In this post, we will show you how to download your Twitter archive and how to view your entire tweet history using a browser or a basic spreadsheet such as Excel or Numbers.

This tweak hides your Safari history without Private Browsing mode

Your web browsing history can say a lot about you, so it’s no surprise that people go great lengths to hide it. One way to do this on an iPhone is by using the Private Browsing feature in Safari, but this will do more than just protect your browsing history; perhaps more than most people want.

With a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed NoHistorySafari by iOS developer Wisy Channel, you can prevent Safari from keeping a history of the websites you visit without using Private Browsing mode.

This tweak hides your web search history from Spotlight

Whenever you search for stuff using Spotlight on your iPhone, a history of what you’ve searched for is kept just below the Siri app suggestions.

If you’re concerned about the privacy of your web search history via Spotlight, then you might want to download a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed Spotlight No Suggest by iOS developer ichitaso.

Developer MacPaw launches in-office exhibit of vintage Macs in Ukraine

Ukrainian developer MacPaw has put vintage Apple hardware on display at the company's office in Kyiv “to inspire techies and kids.” The 40-piece Apple hardware museum was formerly hosted in the very heart of New York City by Tekserve, a long-running Apple service shop.

In June 2016, Tekserve announced it was closing its Manhattan store after 29 years of service. “We love our customers, and we love what we do,” Tekserve CEO Jerry Gepner said when the closure was announced. “But there comes a point where that doesn't make sense anymore, as much as we love it.”

Their wonderful collection of vintage Mac hardware was auctioned off in August 2016. Developer MacPaw purchased the entire collection of 39 Mac computers for a cool $47,000 and gave it a permanent new home at its Ukrainian headquarters.

“We think there’s hardly a better place for historical Apple computers than our futuristic Apple-inspired office,” said MacPaw.

Check out the video tour of the museum, embedded below.


The collection includes original Mac models dated from 1981 to 2017.

Here are some of the items on display:

128K Macintosh signed by Steve Wozniak NeXT Cube 20th Anniversary Mac Original iMac 1994 iBook PowerMac G4 Powerbook G4 Aluminum iBook Twelve-inch Powerbook eMac iMac G5 Powerbook G3 All iPhone models

There are a few non-Mac items, too, such as the “Iconic” book (an illustrated edition of Apple Design History), Apple's “Think different” poster collection, the official book “Designed by Apple in California”, plus a couple of WWDC relics.

According to MacPaw:

As the Tekserve shop grew and became a landmark Apple dealer, the team found themselves surrounded by beautiful Macs of all kinds. In twenty years they decided to turn the best of them, groundbreaking models, as they put it, into a museum-like exhibition. And later, when the shop was shutting down, an Apple Lisa, an alien Nextstation Turbo machine, and the rest of the grand collection had to find a new home on an auction.

The prospects looked pretty grim, because a collection like that had a high chance of ending up in some millionaire’s basement. Luckily, MacPaw’s CEO Olexandr Kosovan heard about the auction and made an instant decision. He secretly bought all of the iconic Macintosh computers before the collection was taken apart and sold piece by piece.

The museum currently has 70 items, including the 40 items from the Tekserve collection and the first Apple Keeynoard with the help of which the code of CleanMyMac Classic was written by Kosovan himself when he was starting MacPaw back in 2008.

Oleksandr Kosovan, MacPaw CEO and Founder said:

Apple changed my life in many ways. Driven by Steve’s vision for better and simpler products I was able to implement these ideas in our products development. I cannot say thank Apple enough other than paying this great tribute to the history of iconic Apple products.

Developers are planning on adding the few missing models to complete the collection (they welcome classic computer and hardware donations).

As an in-office exhibit, this museum is not open to the general public.

MacPaw are the developers of proven and successful macOS apps, including CleanMyMac, Gemini and the Setapp service billed as “the Netflix of Mac apps.”

Additional photos are available at the MacPaw website.