How to clear your location history in the Apple Maps app

One convenient feature of the Maps app is that it retains your search history. This is handy if you want to quickly view a location that you recently searched for. But if you want to remove your history to keep locations you search for private you can do this easily on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Delete your history in Maps on iPhone and iPad

To remove your Maps search history on iPhone or iPad, open the app and then do the following.

1) Swipe up from the bottom to open the Favorites, Collections, and Recently Viewed window.

2) Scroll down the window to Recents and tap See All.

3) Tap Clear for the group of recently searched locations you want to remove. To delete a single location, swipe from right to left and tap Delete.

Maps Clear Recents on iPhone

Delete your history in Maps on Mac

To remove your search history in Maps on Mac, open the app and then follow these steps.

1) Open the sidebar using the button in the toolbar.

2) Expand Recents.

3) At the bottom, click the Clear Recents button.

Mac Maps Clear Recents

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Wrapping it up

If you want to keep the places you search for in the Apple Maps app to yourself, removing your history is simple. Is this something you plan to do?