How to see, delete, and turn off your location history on iPhone

See your Location History on iPhone and manage it

Wondering about the places where you were recently? It can be for personal reasons to help you recall the places you visited. Or, if you have to prove someone for legal reasons or otherwise, you can use the past location history of your iPhone to establish your presence at that location.

Here are two ways to find your location history on iPhone using Apple's Significant Locations and Google Maps. We also go over the steps to delete the saved location history and how to turn it off.

How to fix location errors in an iPhone app

App location error on iPhone

Many apps need your location to function. This includes food delivery apps (like Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub), ride-hailing apps (like Uber, Lyft), weather apps, bank apps, and more. Similarly, chat apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram must have access to your location if you want to share your current location with friends and family.

If an app is unable to get your location, you see messages like "location not available on iPhone," "turn on location services to allow app to determine your location," "app does not have access to your location," etc.

This guide shows you how to quickly solve this problem and allow that app to access your location.

Chipolo ONE Spot review: how it compares to Apple’s AirTag

I've been toying around with AirTags since they came out a few weeks ago, and I was impatient to try the only third-party alternative available at this time: the Chipolo ONE Spot. Chipolo is one of only three companies that have been approved by Apple at this time to be part of the Find My network. Out of the three, it's the only company that has built an item tracker similar to AirTag. So if you're in the market for an item tracker that works with the Find My app, your options are either the Apple AirTag or the Chipolo ONE Spot.

With that said, the folks at Chipolo sent me a ONE Spot for review ahead of their official launch later in June. This post will essentially be a Chipolo ONE Spot review and a direct comparison with AirTag.

How to find the serial number of an unknown AirTag

An image showing the white side of an Apple AirTag held to the top of an iPhone 12 with Safari's Found notification displayed on the screen

Whether you've stumbled upon someone else's AirTag that you'd like to return to its owner or discovered an unknown AirTag planted on you that you'd like to identify, you'll need its serial number. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to find the serial number of an unknown AirTag.