How to read books on Kindle for free

If you just picked up your first Kindle and have been reading terrific books, we have several ways for you to get even more, for free.

You may not realize it, but there are plenty of free books out there if you know where to look. From perks you get with Amazon Prime to checking your local library online, you don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy reading on your Kindle.

Ways to get free Kindle books

Free books on Amazon

Going right to the source where your Kindle Paperwhite originated, Amazon offers various ways to get free Kindle books.

First Reads

Kindle First Reads on Amazon

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you should definitely check out First Reads. With it, you can choose one free book each month from a small collection. The collection of books changes each month and covers a variety of genres for every taste.

You may receive an email the beginning of every month with your choices. But if not, you can access First Reads in the Kindle Store on Amazon. Use this link to go right to Amazon First Reads or follow these steps to navigate to it on Amazon.

1) Visit and sign in to your account.

2) Click the menu icon labeled All on the top left.

3) Select Kindle E-readers & Books and then Kindle Books.

4) On the left below More in Kindle, click First Reads.

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited on Amazon

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription membership service offering unlimited access to books, audiobooks, and magazines. While the service does require monthly fee, you can find tons of Kindle Unlimited books for free, so it’s worth mentioning. So if you do a lot of reading, the monthly cost could be a good value.

You can check out the free 30-day trial. The base price after that is currently $9.99 per month, but you may find a discount occasionally on Amazon. Take a look with this link to Amazon Kindle Unlimited or follow the same steps as above to navigate to Kindle E-readers & Books and then click Kindle Unlimited.

Local library or school

If you have a library card or account with your local or school library, check out Here, you can find a book, go right to the library’s site, sign in, and then rent it for free. This includes books for your Kindle in addition to audiobooks.


Since OverDrive provides the means for you to see which books are available at your library or school, it’s then up to the actual provider for terms and conditions, rental policies, and such.

Free Kindle book websites

There are many websites that offer free ebooks and since you can read MOBI formatted books on Kindle, this widens your options. Here are just two of the great websites where you can find free Kindle books.

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Planet Ebook

Planet Ebook

On Planet Ebook you’ll find a huge collection of classics. From Wuthering Heights to Pride and Prejudice, if there’s a classic you’ve been wanting to read, you’ll likely find it on Planet Ebook. Of course you can read any of the books you find online, but they’re also available in MOBI format as well as PDF and EPUB.

Note: Planet Ebooks can be slow to load on the main page, so just be patient.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is another favorite in the free ebook realm. Do a quick search, browse by title, genre, or author, or check out the most popular books. You have plenty of options to find that next great novel on this site.

Like Planet Ebook, you always have the option to read the book online. But Project Gutenberg offers books in Kindle format, making it easy to get for your ereader.

Email subscription services

Along with websites you can browse for free Kindle books are email subscription services that send details to your inbox. So when you don’t have time to shop for a new book, you might see one you want in a daily email.



A great option in this category is eBookSoda. You sign up for free and then receive a daily email with free and discounted books for Kindle. When you provide your email address, you can select as many book genres as you like and then choose the book format. So it’s super easy.

Then, if you spot a book in the email you want, click or tap the link and you’ll go right to the product page on Amazon to download the book. Not all books are free, but those that aren’t have terrific, discounted prices.



Similar to eBookSoda, FreeBooksy sends you emails for free and discounted Kindle books. Enter your email, pick your device, and select the genres you enjoy.

One perk of this site is that you can also browse for books on their website. Find a new series, search for your favorite authors, or view books in the genres you love.

Save your cash and get Kindle books for free

With all of these ways to get free Kindle books, you can easily fill your device with books you enjoy and never spend a dime. And if you do a lot of reading, it’s worth it to take a few moments to see what’s available for free or for a huge discount.

Will you try one of these methods to find free books for your Kindle? Or maybe there’s another service that you’d like our readers to know about? Comment below!

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