Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon (again) takes potshots at iPad in Kindle Paperwhite ad

On the surface, Amazon is seemingly supportive of Apple’s iOS platform as the company updates its various iOS applications on a regular basis – even if it’s just a courtesy to its iOS-loving users who want to enjoy Amazon services on their iPhone and iPad.

Scratch a little deeper and all hell breaks loose.

For starters, the online retailing giant is waging legal battle against Apple over e-book price fixing. And given the two tech titans increasingly compete on hardware, software and services, it’s really no surprise Amazon’s marketing department is taking direct jabs at Apple users every now and then.

This February, for example, the company aired a much-flawed screen comparison video pitting its 1080p Kindle tablet against Apple’s better-than-1080p iPad with Retina display. This time around, an Amazon ad is challenging the e-reading experience on a tablet such as the iPad, versus that on the Kindle Paperwhite.

Have a look right below…

Ad attack: Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon just wrapped up its news-packed event that saw the company update its Kindle lineup and add two new notable products to the mix: the Kindle Paperwhite with a stunning new display combining the best of LCD and e-ink technology and the Kindle Fire HD, a tablet meant to take Apple’s iPad on the high-end.

You should care because Amazon has the ecosystem, the game plan and the devices to take on Apple from every angle. If you don’t have time to read through our extensive coverage of Amazon’s presser, have a look at two new ads that highlight headline features of the two new tablets…

Amazon refreshes the Kindle lineup, targets the iPad with all-new Kindle Fire HD

Following recent product launches by technology giants Samsung, Googlerola and Microkia, the online retail giant Amazon summoned select members of the press to a media event in Los Angeles, California. As previously hinted, the company is expected to unveil half a dozen new Kindle devices, including a ten-inch tablet to take Apple’s iPad head on.

Some people even hope the company will launch a smartphone of its own, just to make fall phone options a tad more interesting. As always, iDB is watching the announcement so you don’t have to, bringing you everything worth knowing. Here are the goodies Amazon has in store for us (just don’t call them gadgets, will ya’?)…