How to sort, filter, and manage your Kindle Paperwhite library

As you build your Kindle Paperwhite library, it can quickly become unmanageable. The more books you get, the more screens you have to flip through to find the book you want when you’re in the mood to read it. We’ve shown you how to create Collections on your Kindle Paperwhite. This is a terrific way to keep similar books together, making them easier to find.

But, you have additional ways to manage your library. You can sort your books, filter to find specific ones, and search by keyword. And you can do all of this right on your device or on the Amazon website. Here, we’ll show you how to manage, filter, and sort your Kindle Paperwhite library.

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Manage your Kindle Paperwhite library

Manage the library on your Kindle

When you’re taking a break from the book you’re reading or thinking of starting a new one, it’s a good time to get used to filtering and sorting on your Kindle Paperwhite. These actions help you find the book you want.

Access your library

On the main screen, you have a link on the top right for Your Library. At the top, you can do a fast sort by All or Downloaded. This is a helpful place to start when you want a book you’ve recently purchased and downloaded.

Your Library All and Downloaded on Kindle Paperwhite

Sort your library

On the top right of Your Library is the Sort option. Start by picking either Grid or List view. Grid is helpful if you spot books easier by their covers, but List lets you see more on the screen.

Then, choose to sort by Recent, Title, Author, or Collection. Obviously, the type of book you’re looking for will determine which you pick.

Sort Library on Kindle Paperwhite

Filter your library

To the left of Sort in Your Library is Filter. This is another great feature for finding what you want. You’ll see options like Read and Unread, Books, Samples, and Collections, along with Prime Reading if it applies.

Filter Library on Kindle Paperwhite

When you finish using a filter or apply a different one, tap X next to it at the top to close it.

Search your library

One other quick way to find something on your Kindle is with the Search box at the top. If you know the book name, author, or another keyword, pop it into the Search field. You’ll see your results as well as an option to Search Everywhere, which also searches Goodreads, Wikipedia, Dictionary, and Text in Books. So keep the handy Search option in mind for finding other items besides a book you’ve downloaded.

Search Library on Kindle Paperwhite

Manage the library on Amazon

If you feel more comfortable organizing your Kindle Paperwhite library on a bigger screen, you can do so on the Amazon website. While it doesn’t pop the book you’re looking for up on your Kindle, you can do an assortment of other things like mark books as read or unread, add them to Collections, delete them, or read them online.

Access your device content

To access your library, which is called device content on Amazon, go to Amazon and sign in.

1) On the top right, below your name, click Account & Lists.

2) Select Content & Devices.

3) Make sure the Content tab is selected at the top, and you should see your books and other items at the bottom.

Sort and filter your content

On the top left, you’ll see the filter and sort options. Next to Show, pick from Books, Documents, Collections, or another option. Then to the right, narrow things further by picking from All, Purchases, Samples, or something else.

Amazon Filter Kindle Content

Next to Sort By, sort the list chronologically by acquired date or alphabetically by title or author.

Amazon Sort Kindle Content

Search your content

You’ll see a Search box on the right side of your content list. Enter a keyword for the title, author, or Collection and hit the Search button.

Amazon Search Kindle Content

Manage your content

The nice thing about using Amazon to manage your library is that you can perform actions in bulk. So if you want to remove several books or mark them as read, it’s easy. Mark the checkboxes for the items and then click on one of the buttons at the top.

Amazon Bulk Actions for Kindle Content

You can also perform actions on individual books by clicking the Actions button (three dots) for the item. You’ll see details for the book and options to do things like Delete, Mark as Read, Add to Collections, and Read Now. If you choose Read Now, a new browser tab will open with the book ready for you to read.

Amazon Actions for Kindle Content

Another nice feature of the site is that you can add books to Collections or create a new Collection. Click the arrow for the book in the Collection column. Then select the ones you’d like to add it to or click to Create a New Collection.

Amazon Add to Collection

All actions you take on the Amazon site for your Kindle Paperwhite library will sync with your device. It should happen immediately, but if not, open the toolbar and select Settings > Sync Your Kindle.

Organizing your Kindle Paperwhite library

Keeping your Kindle organized is something you appreciate when it’s time to sit down and read a good book. So keep in mind that while Collections are ideal for keeping certain types of books together, the sorting, filtering, and searching features help you find what you want at that moment.

What tips do you have for organizing your Kindle library? Let us know!

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