The new iPhone 14 cases from Casetify survive the highest drop heights

Casetify’s newly launched protective cases for Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro use a proprietary material and other tricks to keep your phone in pristine condition.

Casetify’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro cases are here

Casetify's bumper case, impact case and ultra impact case for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro
Casetify’s iPhone cases are now available for the latest phones | Image: Casetify

Just as Apple’s “Far Out” event wrapped up on September 7, technology accessory brand Casetify launched protective cases for the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Bounce case, as it’s called, offers the utmost protection for your Apple smartphone and is capable of surviving the highest drop heights. At the same time, Casetify has upgraded its existing Impact and Ultra Impact Series with new technologies giving them more protection.

Casetify unveils Bounce Case for iPhone 14

This is Casetify’s new case made specifically for the latest iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro devices. It offers protection from drops as high as 21.3ft, or 6.5 meters.

This is way, way higher than one’s waist, which is the most common height for accidental iPhone drops. In practical terms, the Bounce Case achieves 6x the requirement for military-grade approval.

It withstood more than 156 drops on all angles thanks to Casetify’s proprietary plant-based material, dubbed EcoShock. What this does is turn the kinetic energy of an impact into heat, which is then dissipated across the surface of the case via the twister pattern. Read: What to do before selling or trading your iPhone

Casetify's iPhone 14 Pro protective cases in five colors
Bumpers turn kinetic energy into heat | Image: Casetify

The compression ribs in each corner of the case have three air cavities in them. When your iPhone falls on a concrete or even steel floor, for instance, these compression ribs contract and bounce back to distribute the force of impact and protect the phone from structural damage.

This is key to phone protection: The worst impacts which cause the display to crack and peel apart from the chassis happen when the phone lands on a corner.

On the back, the Bounce Case sports a protective ring around the camera, which helps protect the sapphire-covered lens from scratches. On the front, a raised bezel protects the display from edge damage. The Bounce Case is lightweight so you don’t need to take it off to charge your phone via MagSafe or any Qi wireless charger.

Closeup of the left side of Casetify's iPhone case with the word "EcoShock"
Image: Casetify

Impact Case and Ultra Impact Case get new materials

The existing Impact Case and Ultra Impact Case now offer twenty percent more protection thanks to new materials, bumper design and EcoShock technology.

Both feature a lifted camera ring on the back along with a raised bezel on the front to protect the screen and lens from physical damage. They’re also compatible with the Qi wireless charging protocol and come in MagSafe and non-MagSafe options.

Rear side of Casetify's MagSafe cases for iPhone
MagSafe and non-MagSafe cases from Casetify | Image: Casetify

The difference between them is in the level of protection offered: the Impact Case offers protection against drops up to 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) high while the Ultra survives drops from up to 8.2 feet or two and a half meters.

The Impact Case can withstand 104 consecutive drops from all angles or 4x the military-grade standard. The Ultra allows for 130 consecutive drops from all angles, achieving 5x the requirement for military-grade approval.

Making your Casetify case uniquely yours

Different designs of Casetify's iPhone cases
Image: Casetify

You can choose between ready-to-order models or create your own eye-catching design. Casetify offers a high degree of customization and is one of the rare brands that let you order a case with a custom graphic. Simply shop your case via the Casetify web store to upload your own image that will be printed on your case.

You can also choose from Casetify’s 2,000+ design catalog to customize your case with a name and special message in your font. On top of that, Casetify told me that it will soon add new branded designs from top franchises such as One Piece, Sailor Moon and Harry Potter.

Pricing and availability

The new Bounce Case for the iPhone 14 family, as well as the upgraded Impact and Ultra Impact Series cases, are available to order starting today from, Amazon and Casetify’s branded stores. Keep in mind that Casetify’s Amazon store doesn’t support case customization.

The newly launched Bounce Case costs $82-$95, depending on your iPhone model. It’s available in the Triple Black, Clear/Black, Peri Purple, Kiwi and Bubble Gum colors.

The updated Ultra Impact case costs from $68 to $90 and the Impact Case is from $58 to $80. Both the Ultra Impact Case and Impact Case are offered in Clear/Black, Matte Black, Peri Purple, Kiwi and Bubble Gum.

All three cases include an antimicrobial coating to keep your iPhone germ-free.